Nowadays when you want to change the flooring from your house, you have many options, but the one that gives you amazing freedom is laminate flooring. You can choose between different types, locking systems and shapes, so it might get difficult to decide which one is suited for your house. What is great when you choose to purchase this type of flooring is that it has a realistic appearance, so it will create the impression of a natural floor material. Tile, wood and stone are the materials that are commonly used as inspiration, and almost any type of color and grain is available on the market. Because there is no limit in laminate flooring types, you might need a little guide, from which you can find out more specific details, about different types of laminates.

Many specialists divide laminate types according to the way of installing them. There is a type called glueless-click, which is very easy to install. Some of them come with pre-attached underpad, which makes the installation process easier and quicker. If you purchase laminates that do not have this underlayment, you should buy a separate one, and place it underneath your pavimento in laminato, to provide it a sort of cushion. If you plan to place it in a space where moisture might appear, you should place below it a thin plastic underlayment, which will act like a moisture barrier. A specific type of laminate is the glued one, which needs to be joint with glue. It will prove to be a very strong floor, when you finish installing it, but it will cost you more time and money, than the glueless-click one. In addition, you can choose the pre-glued type, which has glue already applied to it, and it only needs to be moistened in order to activate the existing glue. After this, you can join the parts.

Many designers choose flooring only considering its surface, and they are not interested in parquet laminato prezzi, or installation types. You have many options from which you can choose, when you buy from an online platform like Exportare SRL, so you have to know some specific details about every one of them. An option is the smooth type, which you can easily associate with hardwood. Many companies offer you the possibility to choose between low, medium and high gloss finishes. If you do not like the smooth type, you can select a textured one, which can easily fool the eyes of your friends, and they can think that it has a grain surface. A special type of flooring is hand scraped, which looks antique. This technique was not used on laminate flooring until recent days, because it was reserved only for hardwood floors. Other amazing type is the embossed in registration, which matches the grain of the wood, as if it is made from real material. When you purchase flooring for your house or office, you should take into consideration its durability, because, there are certain types made for light residential use, and others for commercial spaces.