To be honest, many prefer renting villas to overpriced hotel rooms because of a series of pragmatic reasons. That being said, hotel rooms are pricier, smaller and have fewer facilities than vacation rentals. And since Croatia seems to be one of the favoured vacation destinations in the past few years, let’s see what the reasons to choose this type of accommodation over a traditional one are.

You can find family-friendly villas in Dalmatia, even for larger families. The favourable context provided by this kind of accommodation, lets even families with small children to benefit from increased levels of comfort, since they are all completely equipped. Even those who are looking forward to cook for their small children have the possibility to do so. These villas come, in general, with all the necessary cutlery, dishes, pots and appliances, from the basic stove and refrigerator, to fancy coffee machines, blenders and the list could go on. And if city break seem a bit too much for a family with multiple young children, these villas also have private pools, and yet luxurious ones. They can easily be used for entertaining purposes, in safe and hidden places, where your children could enjoy a day sunbathing with their nannies, while their parents spend some quality time together on the beach or in the marvellous city.

While these accommodation facilities might be the perfect option for large families because they are quite roomie, young individuals seem to enjoy them for the exact same reason. And, of course, the affordable prices involved in the equation. Because they can easily accommodate a large number of people, and the costs can easily be split, large groups of young adults choose them to pricy hotel rooms. The facile access to the nearby beaches and the possibility of having quite a good time in the premises on the villa allows them to benefit from all the perks of a vacation, without spending a fortune. Also, they have the possibility of cooking for themselves with local groceries, which is also more affordable than an entire dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. It’s all about having fun with less money when you are young!

Those interested in finding houses for rent in Dalmatia can easily surf the web in order to find the most appropriate facility for their particular case. Our advice would be to focus on finding an agency experienced in renting villas, since they can target their search specifically to your requirements. This way you will have plenty of alternatives where to pick from, and most likely, at least one of them will please you from a financial point of view as well as facilities included.

Similar services you can find at My Dalmatia, an agency that is focused on finding tourists the perfect type of villa in this specific area. Because they activate on the market since 2010, they are familiar with both the prices and owners, having a large portfolio of collaborators.