You might think as a man “Why should I pay attention to the socks?” Well you might not believe but they are very important for your every outfit, because they protect your feet from abrasion and keep the dew beaters in your shoes. In addition, they are that little detail that can pull your outfit together, but there are also situations when they can become a distraction, so you have to pay attention to some rules, when it comes to wearing them. You will have no issues in matching a simple pair of white or black socks, because you know the basic rules of matching white socks to sports clothes and black one to elegant outfits, but when it comes to wearing patterned ones, you might have some troubles in matching them with Huf clothes. The first rule of wearing socks is that they should match each other, and you might think that there is no other way, but when you take them off from your washing machine, you might have troubles in matching the patterned ones, because some of them feature the same model, but they slightly differ in the tone of the colors.

Also, you should pay attention to visible stains or holes, because there are situations when you do not consider checking the state of the socks before wearing them, and when you pay a visit to your friend and you have to take off your shoes, you will have to experience an embarrassing situation. After being sure that your socks are from the same pair and they do not feature any visible stains or holes, you have to see if the pair of socks you have chosen matches your shoes. You have to create a streamlined look, but there are situation, when you can create a contrast with the shoes. You have to have a sense of your personal style and introduce in your wardrobe a wide variety of patterned socks, but you still have to follow the rule, which states that you have to match them with your shoes, and neckwear. When you wear 10 deep clothes you can wear ankle length socks, because this model is the one suited for casual clothes, but there are situations when they are not the best choice you have.

One of the rules of wearing socks states that a gentleman should never expose his leg unintentionally, especially when he wear a suit. This is not the case when you are wearing casual clothes, as the ones purchased from The LVRG. Coming back to patterned socks, you can wear them even with a suit, because they are a way of liven up a simple outfit. You can keep elegant and classy with the suit, and add a unique pair of socks, which will help you, pull together the outfit. You should choose a pair in the same color of your pocket square, or in case you wear them with a casual look, you can pair them with a sweater or sports jacket.