When having a property with a big yard, you might intend to install an outdoor lighting system, because you might want to achieve that dramatic look of your property in the nighttime. If you pay attention to details, you have the possibility to highlight the prettiest features of your property, so this is why it is important to hire a professional designer. As you might have noticed finding the perfect lighting design requires experience, skill and artistry, so you should let a specialist handle this job, and just wait for the results. Moreover, because this is the first time you work with a designer, you might not know what to look for, because there are many persons who provide this type of services. Here are some recommendations that would make your choice easier, and which guarantee you that you will collaborate with the right person.


The first thing you have to do when contacting a designer is to ask them about the qualifications and experience they have in this particular domain. You have to know if they won some awards, or if they attended the classes of one of the well-known institutions from your region. In addition, you should ask them if they are affiliated with local organization that provide these services, and if they are specialized in a certain domain, because some of the professionals offer only holiday lighting services. After talking with them, you should check for references, because they definitely have worked with someone before, and their former clients would be able to provide you some details upon their services. A skilled contractor would have no troubles in offering you some contacts, so do not forget to ask them. In case you have the possibility, you should ask former customers to meet you, because it is important to look at images of the projects the designer has done, to see if you like the way they look. Keep in mind that different people have different opinions and you might not like how a certain project looks, even if the owner is satisfied with the result.


The following aspect you should check is if the designer focuses only on outdoor lighting, because it is not advisable to hire a jack-of-all-trades. You want to be sure that the person who you are paying is an expert, who would assess the needs of your space, and who does this job on a regularly basis. The best option would be to work with a specialist from a company like Prestige Outdoor Lighting, because they have experience in the domain, and would offer you exactly the services you need. The following aspect to check is the materials the designers want to use and the lighting companies they collaborate with, because you have to be sure that they would install quality lighting fixtures. Do not forget to ask if they offer a warranty on their project, because you might want to collaborate with one that offers lifetime warranty on the job they do. The last thing you should do is to hire a designer that has experience in the domain, because in case the lighting system might get damaged in the future, they should come and service it.