Many times as users of printers, people forget that they should use them regularly, in order to remain functional. Because you use it only when you need it, you might not know that if it is not used for some weeks the printer heads might broke. The first thing you should do when you see that your printer is not working is to clean the printer head. You can do this by using the software it has incorporated to this work, but sometimes it is not efficient and you have to clean it manually. There are many online articles that can help you in this situation, and some of the manufacturers have posts on their blogs, in which they advise users how to clean it. However, if you do this and the printer is still not working you should buy Konica KM256 MN 14PL printhead, because you will find your printer useless without this functional device.

Before ordering it from an online store, you should know that there are two types of heads, disposable ones and fixed ones. The disposable one is part from a replaceable ink cartridge, and every time you exhaust the cartridge, and purchase a new one, you also buy a new head. This will bring you a higher cost on consumables, and manufacturers find more difficult to produce a high-precision device at an affordable price. Nevertheless, this type of printer heads brings you the advantage that if it breaks at a certain time, you can easily replace the whole cartridge. This option is not so much used by manufacturers, so you might probably have a fixed head, and you can buy Konica KM512 MN 14PL printhead          and replace your old one.

In the situation, you have a fixed printhead, then is inbuilt in your printer and the manufacturer designed to last as much as your printer does. Because you do not have to replace it every time you change your cartridge, you will save more money on consumables. In addition, this type of heads provided by online stores like Printheads, are more precise and do not require calibration. In the situation your print head is damaged, you have the possibility to order it from an online store, because these types of stores have a wide range of items, which are compatible with many devices. Some manufacturers like, Canon, Epson, and Konika Minolta offer high quality products. Also, they have in view to produce items that can be used on multiple brands of printers, so you should look at the specifications of the products to see if they are suited for yours. Online platforms offer usually original devices, and they do not open the boxes they receive from the manufacturer. You will find more easily to find a new print head with the help of a website than by asking one by yourself to the manufacturer. Moreover, if the product you receive is not functional, you can return it and get free replacement.