Nowadays, we have become more and more concerned with where the products we use every day come from and for a good reason. We wonder whether the clothing we wear is eco-friendly or has been produced by child labor and we make sure to buy cleaning products that do not affect the environment or put the health of our family at risk. The numerous campaigns meant to raise awareness about the impact certain product production processes have on our environment, community and lives have managed to increase the number of eco-conscious shoppers that refuse to buy things produced through destroying lives. It is common knowledge that without demand, the offer will disappear, so people try to stop consuming products produced by companies known for their unethical policies. Jewelry is the same. Ethical jewelry refers to jewelry produced from precious stones obtained from certain locations in the world where workers are not exploited and the environment is not harmed by the mining process. If you wish to make sure that you are not supporting companies that exploit their employees and affect the environment, you should check where the jewelry is coming from. The trend of buying ethical jewellery has emerged from people’s desire to ensure they are not wearing diamonds obtained through human abuse and militia funding.

The scandal with blood diamonds turned out to be a great wake-up call for the world and ever since consumers discovered that a small percentage of the diamonds they put on their beloved are funded by the militia or play an important part in genocides, they demanded to know exactly where the precious stones come from when buying jewelry. The origin of certain diamonds have been linked to human right abuses and environmental disasters, so a new system was enacted to increase the confidence consumers felt when buying diamonds. The demand for clean diamonds increased dramatically, and the term ethical has started to become a new way of promoting the merchandise. If you wish to buy ethical jewelry, you need to make your purchase from a reliable company that can bring proof of the origin of the precious stones. Fortunately, specialists can trace back the origin of any existing precious stone, so this task is not necessarily a lost cause. You can learn more about ethical jewelry by accessing webpages like

The stark difference between the life of those doing the mining and those selling the diamonds, the exploitation of workers, as well as the bloody fights fueled by the desire to own the rights to mine the areas with diamonds are just the tip of the iceberg. The effect the emergence of a new reservoir of precious stones is terrible for the population living there, because mining often involved destroying the environment. There is a myriad of ethical issues involved in the creation of jewelry and the only way you can ensure it stops is buy purchasing only jewels that have been confirmed to be mined outside zones of conflict by companies employing safe and eco-friendly mining solutions.