When it comes to gemstones, few people know that some of these stones can be much rarer than diamonds. It is true that diamonds are considered the most precious stones that would cost anyone a great deal of money, but it is also true that some of the rarest gemstones on Earth are a lot more valuable than some diamonds. It takes tens of thousands or even millions of years for a crystal to come to the form people find nowadays in nature, not to mention that only a part of what they find is released on the market. Many people who appreciate the value and beauty of gemstones have large collections of which they are very proud. Whether they collect loose gemstones or those that have already been cut, collectors can be sure they can choose from different types of gemstones.

One of the rarest gemstones on Earth is red beryl and is commonly found in only few areas in Utah and New Mexico. Its chemical composition is similar to an emerald and aquamarine both of which are also part of the beryl family. Another rare gem is opal, which is also the national gemstone of Australia. What makes this gem so appreciated is its large palette of fiery colours, making it worth even several thousands of dollars per carat. Benitoite is another gemstone that has gained its reputation among the rarest and most valuable gems in the world. It is well known for its striking blue colour, usually found in California, in the proximity of San Benito River. Alexandrite is also a gemstone that should not miss from any collection. It was named after Tsar Alexander II of Russia, and as it can be intuited, it can be found in the Ural Mountains. The most interesting thing about this stone is that it changes its colour depending on the light under which it is exposed.

However, people should know that before purchasing any of these gemstones, they should check whether these gems were extracted from ethical mines or not, in order to avoid any unpleasant situations. In case they would want one of these gems to offer them as presents in various special occasions such as engagement for instance, ethical engagement rings would make the givers feel at peace with themselves for buying ethical gemstones. You should know that an ethical gemstone implies for that stone to come from a responsibly run mine, which treats its workers and the environment well. As a result, before offering a gemstone as present or adding it to any collection, one should make sure that stone comes from an ethical mine, which means it is in accordance with laws.

Many jewellery shops provide loose gemstones, and some of them even have online versions, so all you have to do is some quick research on the Internet in case you do not have the necessary time to go to a physical store. Lawson Gems is a good example where you can find many types of gemstones. In case you want to make a good impression or enlarge your collection, you should look for places that provide ethical gemstones.