Storage is one of the most common problem people all around the world are dealing with. Whether you are in charge with an industrial warehouse or you are a house owner fighting lack of space, you need to come up with the most innovative solutions in order to keep everything in its place and also easy to reach. The good news is that nowadays you can use the services offered by specialised companies. These offer a wide selection of products and services, aimed to give you the storage solutions that suit your needs best. What is more, a logistic expert will help you design an efficient plan. Basically, the main two uses of shelves involve residential and industrial storage.

Residential organisation

Believe it or not, storage plays a crucial role in the way your house looks. So whether you decide to keep all your stuff hidden in the garage or you place racking units around the house, you need to use some reliable storage shelves. If you are facing the problems related to lack of square footage, then some vertical racks may be the ideal option for you. These make use of vertical space, which means that they will help you double, triple or even quadruple the room you have available. Shelving systems UK are created by teams of professionals who can deliver any type of services, including residential storage solutions. This means that no matter what type of racks you need, for any kind of loads, a specialised company such as Rapid Racking can help you get the best there is on the dedicated market. Such firms have a wide variety of products, suitable to the needs of any house owner. You can get vertical shelves, storage boxes, suspended rack and even mezzanine floors, if you will.

Industrial storage

When it comes to industrial storage, choosing the most efficient and sustainable option is critical for the future of any business. A poorly organised warehouse means a complete chaos which delays any type of activity, which is why if you have to manage such a space, you have to pay a lot of attention and make the right call. Most of the times, industrial racking is synonym with heavy duty storage shelves, since the items stores are quite large and heavy, of course. For this reason, this type of units is made of strong metals like chrome or steel, because these are able to support great loads. However, industrial sites also need to store lighter loads, such as pipes, rolls of materials or wires, which is why another popular product is cantilever storage shelves. These provide the right amount of support needed for long, lighter objects, such as the ones mentioned above. Of course, no matter what you choose, you have to collaborate with an experienced designer, who can assess your business needs and offer you the most suitable solutions. This is very important for the safety of your operations and the health of your employee.