Autism is just one of the disorder included in the category of autism spectrum disorder. The main characteristic of patients suffering from autism or any other sensory processing disorder is that they have difficulty dealing with information from all the senses. In other words, their brain lacks the ability to process information from all senses. What it more, they are not easy to calm or make them relax. For this reason, children with ASD rarely get a good night’s sleep. Some kids have trouble sleeping through the night and this problem can persists long after he has started going to school. Young persons with autism or sensory processing disorders typically cause parents challenges on a daily basis, reason why many medications and therapies are designed specifically for them. One therapy in particular that has proven to be beneficial for sleepers is the weight blanket for autism. So, should you cover your child with this type of bedding? Actually, you should.

Weighted blankets for autism have positive effects on insomnia. The large piece of woven cloth acts as touch therapy. To be more precise, deep pressure is applied through the blanket, the result being that the receptors become stimulated. The brain releases serotonin, the chemical which regulates mood and sensory perception. In turn, serotonin stimulates the production of melatonin, the hormone which helps achieve a restful sleep. The body feels more relaxed and safe, so if you cover your little one with a weight blanket at bedtime, you can rest assured that he will have a peaceful night’s sleep. It is certainly a better option compared to buying supplements for serotonin. To our knowledge, children with autism spectrum disorder and severe sleep problems sleep more at night and thus overcome insomnia.

Weight blankets are of great use in managing common manifestations of ASD. Generally speaking, autism is a complex disorder, which means that is sometimes accompanied by other illnesses and learning disorders. Equally important is mentioning that illness manifests itself differently in each person. Therefore, it is easy to understand how challenging the job can be for parents. Luckily, weighted blanket can help them. A weighted blanket which is more than 10% of the person’s body helps with behavior issues because they allow for deep pressure stimulation. The serotonin that is released helps not only with sleep troubles, but also with mood. The bed covering is one of the most effective calming tools you can buy. Your child will instantly calm down, thus allowing you to sleep as well.

In order to get your hands on an inexpensive weighted blanket, you should visit InYard, an online store that sells products for parents that have children with special needs. There is no doubt that a bed covering for children with special needs is highly effective with regards to sleep and calming effects, the cover should be used at bedtime and it can stay as long as it is necessary. There are no side-effects of leaving the bed covering for a longer period of time. On the contrary, there are only benefits.