Over the years, fashion has provided us with various directions and tendencies, and while some of them are quite easy to implement when it comes to street style, others seemed rather odd – at least at first. A relevant example is the sport trend: while years ago, it seemed impossible to be stylish wearing sweatpants and heels or baseball jerseys combined with pencil skirts, not everything seems to be possible and any combination is allowed. This has increased a lot the popularity of comfy and sport accessories or pieces of clothing. The same happened with sneakers: ages ago, these shoes were exclusively dedicated to the gym or during physical training, but nowadays any fashionista should own at least one pair of sport shoes – in each color. The good news is that there are so many possibilities provided by various brands and stores, such as LVRG by Capitalist, that you can find a matching pair for any type of attire.


When it comes to shoes, if there is one statement trend that has appeared in the past years, it is sporty sneakers. So whether you decide to match sneakers with Play Cloths clothing, or to an office attire, the combination will be a complete success. As a matter of fact, over the past seasons, this tendency has made its way in anything related to fashion: on bloggers’ websites, on the runways, in street style, in IT girls’ wardrobes and so on. Even some of the most popular celebrities have displayed looks consisting in odd combinations, proving that the trend has actually become a must try this season. On the runway, some of the most legendary designers have presented clothes with a feminine edge, in bright hues, paired with sporty shoes, which caught everyone’s attention. On the street, items such as Reebok classics seem to be the ideal choice. In case you are still reluctant, keep in mind that the best parts of this tendency are versatility and comfort. Sport shoes add a touch of effortlessness to any outfit, no matter how formal it is. Choose playful patterns, vibrant colors and feminine designs and you can wear the sneakers in any combination. Fortunately, even the most traditionalist brands have somehow adapted their products in order for these to match the latest trends: so if until now, you were visiting dedicated stores only to purchase running shoes or accessories, now you can do the same to complete your day to day looks.


If last year wearing colorful sneakers was the ultimate fashion trend, it seems that this season shiny materials and patterns have taken over the runway and the streets. Whether you choose golden, silver, sequined or just a glossy finish, you will manage to be extremely stylish, because anything that shines is preferred by fashion experts. Regardless of what you decide, you should be happy that you can finally look great and also feel very comfortable, so try to enjoy the tendency while it lasts. Forget about the saying according to which “beauty is pain” and focus on selecting beautiful sport shoes, quite functional and chic.