The term “Agile” may have been heard quite often in the past few years, but what does actually mean? For those who are not familiar with the term, Agile is a way of creating and developing software solutions such as web and mobile applications, websites, and so on, and it mostly focuses on providing top quality working software both consistently and frequently, as the value of the business increases and the project overhead is minimized.

More and more companies started to implement the Smidig utvikling practices and principles and the results were amazing. One of the main principles this method is based onto is to manage change instead of preventing it. Agile development understands that client needs and requirements do not remain the same, but they quickly change or evolve over time. This sort of project is meant to flex with the needs clients have and to adapt as stakeholders come up with new features or identify various new problems. This way, collaboration between the project team and the client is encouraged, which helps the team to understand better the client’s needs and vision.

This leads to another great reason why companies should approach this Programvareutvikling strategy, which is that it allows for change. As clients are allowed to get involved throughout the project, the team makes changes to it, by constantly improving and refining the overall product backlog. What is more, in most cases delivery is predictable and occurs early, as the project team uses fixed schedule Sprints. Since each Sprint provides a fixed duration, it is also easier to predict the cost, as well as to limit the amount of work the team is supposed to provide in a specific time-boxed schedule.

There are numerous risks that may appear in a Produktutvikling project, yet with Agile these risks are significantly reduced. The techniques used in Agile basically eliminate the chances for a project to fail, as the project team constantly struggles to improve the product based on clients’ requirements. The project develops in sprints, which provides short periods between the initial investment the team brought to the project and the time when they understand whether the product is failing fast or going to work.

There are many companies that provide agile software development strategies to those interested in working more efficiently, the secret to succeed though is to select the best one in the domain. In case you need software development services, it is essential you do some detailed research on the Internet and look for the best company in the industry and you can start with companies such as It is recommended you read some reviews before you make your decision in order to see what the opinions of clients who worked with those companies in the past are. Keep in mind that in order to benefit from the best results, you have to ensure you select a company that has several years of experience in the domain and that has proved its professionalism over the past years.