Taking photos in the rain can be a photographer’s worst nightmare, especially if they were caught unprepared. While you may have learnt everything there is about taking excellent frames of the rain in your photo classes, if you are not exactly sure how you can do that once you are actually placed in such a situation, especially without damaging your equipment, you will find the following tips very useful. One of the most obvious items you should invest in the minute you buy professional equipment is a camera raincoat. There are numerous products on the market, designed for various camera sizes, which is why you should not have any problems in finding exactly the one you are looking for. Another thing you should keep in mind is to carry it with you, given that it won’t do you any good to keep it home.


If you find camera raincoats too uncomfortable, another excellent solution that you may have actually learnt about during your photography classes is to shoot from inside the car. Often enough this is a very practical solution, because not only does it keep your camera dry, but it also keeps you dry as well and thus you are able to focus better on the frame you are trying to catch. If you don’t have a car at your disposal, but you do have an umbrella and you are not exactly sure how to shoot around it, the umbrella can actually look very nice in the pictures as well, so you should actually consider including it. It will fill the upper part of the frame nicely and it might even bring a bit of color in the picture as well. Furthermore, whenever taking pictures in rain you should watch for reflections in order to make the rain visible in the pictures. Sometimes it can be quite hard to leave visual clues of the rain in the picture, which is why it is certainly something to keep in mind. One way to obtain a beautiful effect is to pop just a little bit of flash, enough to light up the raindrops and create a stunning effect.


Last but not least, whenever you are taking pictures of in a rainy atmosphere, you should lookout for joy or misery. Rain transforms people and makes them react more openly to their emotions. Some of the best photos you will ever take are of people walking in the rain and inspiration could lie at any corner. These are just a few tips you should keep in mind whenever you are taking pictures in the rain. Of course, by following the classes of a professional photography school such as THE PHOTO ACADEMY, you will definitely learn the secrets of taking beautiful pictures in rain or in any other meteorological condition out there. The fact is that rain can definitely spice up your photo shoot and it is up to you if you can obtain something nice from any situation or if you will prefer to reschedule the entire shoot.