All inkjet printers require some tender loving care in order to function properly. If you neglect taking care of your inkjet printer, then you are likely to have problems with nozzles. Thanks to an appropriate care routine, the life of your print head can be prolonged. You should see print heads as replaceable consumers rather than as labels or printing ribbons. The truth is that a Konica KM1024 MHB 42PL print head is the most important component of the inkjet printer, not to mention the most delicate one. Although replacing it will not make a whole in your budget, you should avoid being put in the situation where you are required to list important documents and find out that the printer has stopped working.

The reason why print heads fail in the first place is the fast heating and cooling elements that switch on and off whenever they pass over paper. Another explanation could be represented by the pressure applied to the fine tune print quality. The point is that the print head elements burn out faster if they work hard. You will know that the inkjet printer is not functioning properly when the images are lighter than they should be and when dots fail to actually print. Therefore, in order to prevent burning out the Konica KM1024 LNB 14PL print head after a million labels take good care of it. Start with cleaning the print heads, but only if the nozzle check indicates that cleaning is required or if the printer is completely clogged. Use only isopropyl alcohol and lint-free rags, you can get your cleaning kits straight from manufacturers. If the nozzle test tells you that the lines and colors are not in good condition, then you have to align the print heads. Turn off the printer and try moving the assembly to the left or towards the center of the printer. Then move it to back and forth until you hear a click. Then you will know that the lock is being released. Once you are done, print a blank page to pick up lint or dust.

In addition to this, check the printer temperature and speed settings. Most importantly, don’t run more than 3 cleaning cycles because you will suck out all the ink. To get the ink flowing through the print head after not being used for a long time, just turn the printer off during the night. Another thing you can do is to use the inkjet printer every week so as to prevent the ink from drying on the print head or even in the nozzles. Used inkjet printers don’t cause as many problems as those that are used all the time. Inkjet printers work tirelessly, meaning that you only have to replace the cartridge once in a while. All you have to do is order one from Finally, when you are not using the printer, cover it up with a cover to keep it safe and clean and don’t forget about changing the toner.