Living in a multicultural society means you have to attend multicultural events. Weddings are joyful events, regardless of religion or culture. However, if you know little about the culture itself, then this event might be a reason for confusion and a bit of anxiety. Take Sikh weddings for example. Beautiful as they are, they can be a bit confusing for someone not accommodated with all the customs and traditions involved. Therefore, a bit a research won’t hurt anybody, especially if you are invited to a special Punta Cana Sikh Wedding. Especially if you are coming from a western culture, you will be amazed by all the customs and steps involved in a wedding of this kind. And, while you want to show high levels of consideration and respect to all the people attending it, basic knowledge in necessary. This, and some etiquette notions, can assure you’ll have a memorable first Sikh wedding.

  • Dress properly for the occasion – Culture appropriation is highly encouraged

None of the western clothing can do you a favour while attending an event of this kind. Instead, modest, ethnic clothing are highly appreciated. A sari or a modest dress with ethnic prints would do wonders, and if you could cover exposed skin would be fantastic. For example, go for a large shawl if your hands and neckline is exposed. Men, of course, are encouraged to wear a Punjabi. And because at the ceremony all guests have to sit on the ground with their legs crossed, many women prefer wearing a comfortable pair of pants to it.

  • Become accommodated with the ceremony

All Sikh weddings have key participants, including a Guru, The Kirtaini Jatha, meaning a religious singer, a Sewadar, and a Giani, also known as a priest. Also, the close relatives of the young couple directly involved in the Anand Karaj Uk ceremony are taking part in Ardas, a holy prayer.

  • Don’t bring presents for the new couple unless you are a close relative

And since you are reading this, we guess you are not. Instead, both the bride and groom will receive from each of their guests a modicum amount of money, somewhere around £ 10. This is a part of the Sagaan ceremony, taking place after the religious one. Alternatively, these small gifts can be given to the parents of the bride and groom, in a modern version of this ceremony.

These are a few important aspects to bear in mind when attending a Sikh wedding. Of course, a great role in the event is played by the priest, and finding one that is able to follow all steps and traditions became a little harder in the late years. However, priests like Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela have the ability of providing a highly spiritual ceremony, filled with important lessons about a healthy and lasting marriage. Their experience in ceremonies of this kind, and the fact that they are involved in a multicultural marriage thought them important lessons regarding all the nuances of a union of this kind.