We all become a little nostalgic when thinking about our fist vacation. The stress, the joy, the confusion, a beautiful mix of feelings and little obstacles on our way to the first manifestation of independence. However, with a little guidance, we all can accomplish the logistic levels we need in order to organize the best vacation in a smooth manner. A highly solicited vacation destination lately is Ibiza, because of its stunning beaches, cobalt blue waters and great accommodation facilities. In this little guide, you can find out more about all the things that should precede you first vacation on this destination from finding the perfect Ibiza car rental services, to finding the perfect accommodation for you and your friends on a friendly budget manner.

  1. Decide the length of your vacation

The overall cost of your vacation will determined by the length of your vacation. First, calculate what the daily costs implied by your vacation would be, then see for how long you can afford to stay, in a realistic way. A great thing you could do is plan for a shorter vacation, and then if you can afford to add an extra day or two, you can talk to the manager of your accommodation facility and see if they can provide the two extra days you need.

  1. See what costs your vacation implies and start saving money

So far, you have decided over two crucial aspects: your destination and the length of your vacation. You then have to approximate a general cost, including your travel tickets, accommodation costs, entertainment money and food money. A good idea is to add some extra amount as emergency money. They will come in handy in case you overspend or if your luggage is lost and you need some clothing, let’s say. Another great idea is to invest in a travel health insurance. In case a health issue appears during your vacation, you won’t spend enormous amounts of money on health services in the country you visit. Although you might not need it at any point, sometimes prevention is the key to a peaceful vacation. Start your savings by cutting some of your daily expenses. Coffee and TV cable services are some things you can get rid of, and if you learn how to cook before your departure, you won’t have to spend a great deal of money of restaurants.

  1. Find an affordable and comfortable rental for you and your friends

A hotel room might sometimes be a bit over what you can afford. However, if you go on vacation with an extended group, you might find appealing the idea of finding a sound system rental Ibiza located, in a great rental villa, and throw all the parties you look forward to. The great thing about this type of accommodation is that you will have the peace of mind you need, at affordable prices. Generally, all the villas, like those you can find on Ibifast, have fully equipped kitchens, and this might help you save some serious money.