Wedding time is the most stressful period in a woman’s life and also a thing that provides adrenaline rush through her whole body and brain. But if you work with some really good teams of experts, such as wedding stylists, you have nothing to worry about. Also, a good recommendation is to take a look at the specialised wedding blogs or websites where you can find more useful tips. There is also a wedding guide which includes some small pieces of advice from the most famous designers that you should definitely consult in order to benefit from a hassle-free experience.

According to this ultimate wedding guide, one of the most important aspects is related to flowers jars. Even if it may sound difficult to believe, flower jars are the latest trends when it comes to modern types decorations, especially when you choose an outside location or a marquee. Experts say that if you decide to put your flowers in a jar you can obtain both elegant and fancy decorations which will make your guests feel impressed. The jars are also a versatile version because you can use them for creating flower frames. What is more, it is also recommended to pay attention to the flowers that you choose. If you go for red roses, the choice can be somehow risky because they are regarded as a cliché. Thus, try to avoid them or, at least, choose the white version of these flowers.

Furthermore, there are even some rules that you have to respect when it comes to wedding favours. A Sydney wedding stylist will definitely recommend you to choose a theme for your wedding and then match the favours with it. For example, if you go for a wild flowers theme, you can offer your guests some small boxes which contain many types of coloured flowers. On the other hand, even if this floral theme seems interesting and never goes out of fashion, there are some people who suffer from allergies. In case you find out that one of your wedding guests does not stand to be in the same room with some large bouquets of wild flowers, you should replace them with others. Mini dusty pink roses can be a very interesting alternative.

Last but not least, pay attention to colours. The best recommendation that you can find in a wedding guide is related to pale colours because they are easily to match even with your beautiful white dress. You can opt for jars even when you want to replace regular glasses, because they prove an innovative option especially for those who love fruit juice and lemonade.

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