People are used to complex covering systems and this is why it is hard for them to understand that the finest building coverings in the world are actually slate roofs. When it comes to slate building envelopes, there is nothing complicated. As the name suggests, a slate roof is made from slate, a type of metamorphic rock, which is nailed to a wooden deck. This rock is incredibly durable, reason why it is used as a building envelope. The stone nailed to a wooden deck is capable of protecting against the harsh elements for nearly a century as long as it is properly designed and maintained. What is more, a roof made from rock looks incredibly beautiful. Metamorphic rock is highly acclaimed for its beauty, being unmatched by other materials. As alluring as slate roof tiles may look, they need to be properly cared for in order to last for a lifetime.

The first thing you will need to do in order to protect your investment is to learn everything you can. At present, you are most likely to encounter contractors that do not understand slate roofing systems, not to mention that they cannot handle slate roof restoration. You should be particularly picky when choosing who to work with because contractors will do more damage than good if they are unexperienced. If your building covering is seventy years old, then you should definitely not hire just anyone. The best way in which you can make sure that your investment is safe is by informing yourself. A basic building envelope is made up of four elements: the metamorphic rock, the building deck, the flashings and the nails. It is heavy, which means that it will need to be reinforced from time to time in order to support the shingles.

Regular checks are equally important, but you should not undertake them yourself. You should only work with a reliable restoration professional and consultant such as Heritage Slate Roofing. This is one the few companies you can trust to inspect the state of your investment and of course help you with the restoration process. Carrying out the work yourself may be cheap, but it is also highly dangerous as well. In order to carry out a detailed inspection you have to wear a safety harness and be careful no tot fall. The reason why a fair amount of checking needs to be done is that water tends to accumulate on the roof and in the gutters, thus creating a source of leaks. This issue as well as others have to be identified in time.

Last but not least, you have to take into consideration maintenance. You should start with the ground. If you happen to spot any sloped tiles, this is a clear sign that the building covering is rapidly deteriorating. When it comes to changing the tiles, you need to find a hard variety that can ensure you longevity. Remove all foreign matter form the top to avoid leaks. Document every problem that you encounter and wait until they require significant deterioration. If something needs urgent repair and the contractor cannot do the work immediately make the building covering impermeable.