Buying the most suitable printer is not as way as it may seem at first glance, especially with the wide range of products available in dedicated stores. If you want to make the best decision, then you will have to inform yourself about all the alternatives and compare many models. Basically, buyers can choose between two main types of devices, classified according to the printing systems they use: ink jet and dye sublimation (which is often known as thermal or shortly, dye-sub). There are also the laser printers, extremely popular especially in terms of general office printing, but if you are looking for the perfect for photos, then this type is not want you need because it cannot produce qualitative images. As you can see, choosing the printer depending on the purpose for which you are purchasing it is very important.


In order to make the right call, you need to understand how each product works. Ink jet printers use a simple system: they just place small droplets of ink on the surface of the paper, thus creating the image you want. The deposition of the ink is made through a similar process as that of industrial printing done by the Spectra Nova 256 80 pl printhead, suing two different technologies. Whether it is thermal deposition or piezoelectric (more common), the results will be similar. In the temperature based technology, each ink peak is heated, so that it forces out a microscopic bubble of ink. After the heat goes away, each nozzle cools and the bubbles leave a dot of ink on the paper, creating a vacuum, through which the cartridge ink replaced the one used for printing. This type of printer has the great benefit of allowing the user to reproduce the finest and most intricate details of an image, due to the tiny dots. As far as piezoelectric technology is concerned, you need to know that the print heads using it, such as Spectra Polaris 512 15 pl printhead, have a special type of crystal that moves after it is operated by electric current. For this reason, the shape of the nozzle is modified and tiny drops pop out, without the application of heat, unlike in the thermal system. One of the main benefits of purchasing a printer that uses this system is that it provides a higher degree of control over the sizes of the droplets of ink. Piezoelectric technology offers you more flexibility, which means that the print head can produce larger ink droplets for the areas where there are little or no details, and then adapt to produce the smallest nozzles, for detailed parts of the image.


If you are looking for qualitative printer heads for your device, then you should start looking for a reliable online store, such as This is very important because you have to make sure you only purchase original components, which are more qualitative and have a greater life span.