When it comes to traditional weddings that value the authenticity and significance of a ceremony, Sikh weddings are probably on the top of the list. This type of event manages to include a wide range of traditions valuable for the Sikh community, and each wedding is one that all guests will certainly remember. If you are planning a Sikh wedding yourself, or you are interested in the topic, then keep reading. A Sikh Destination Wedding is a complex event, characterized by a remarkable ceremony and spectacular festivities. Here are a few important things you should know on this subject.

One of the most important tasks the bride and groom should handle when planning a wedding, is to hire a Sikh guru. This is the person who will coordinate the entire ceremony, and make sure that everything goes according to tradition. A Sikh Priest for Destination Weddings should handle the singing and reading of Lavaan,, should offer blessings and ardaas of Parshaad, and should handle everything to ensure you that your ceremony develops just the way you desire. If the guru is experienced enough, and puts dedication in their work, then the overall event will certainly rise to the guests’ expectations.

Besides finding a priest, there are many customs that need to be handled prior to the big event. One of the most important ones is the Chunny ceremony, which involves the mother of the groom and the bride. This tradition symbolizes that the bride will now take responsibility for the pride and honor of the family. This moment is commemorated by the chunny placed on the bride’s head by the groom’s mother, followed by celebrations, gift exchange and music playing.

With just a day or two before the wedding, the mehendi needs to take place. While playing traditional dholak, both the groom and the bride are adorned with henna, traditionally known as mehendi. Their feet and hands are the ones to be painted with henna, and the use of clove oil, eucalyptus oil and lemon juice water is also necessary. What this tradition symbolizes is the connection between the couple, and their love bond. It is said that the love is as strong as the darkness of the color. During this celebration, dholak music is played, and the lady guests invited should sing and dance along. This is just one of the many Sikh wedding customs that exist, but its meaning is extremely relevant for the occasion.

Whether you are planning a Sikh wedding yourself, or you are just interested in the traditions that revolve around this type of event, now you know a bit more on the topic. Probably one of the most important decision you will have to make when organizing a traditional wedding of this kind is hiring the right officiants, such as Freedom Singh and Leela Kaur. The gurus that will be coordinating the ceremony can influence how the entire event will turn out to be, so choosing the right people is essential for those who value tradition and want to have an authentic ceremony.