Interior design is a domain of many faces. Truth be told, trying to explain what it means can be a complicated task, one that depends greatly on the person delivering the speech. Indeed, if there is one defining trait of interior design then that would certainly have to be subjectivity. It can take as many forms and shapes as you could possibly think of, depending on who is in charge of it. However, there is one special project that has somehow managed to hold on to two defining traits, beauty and functionality. This is a great victory in a field that is always changing and moving. Indeed, that special project is the kids’ room. When decorating such a chamber, you need to consider two aspects at all times and build your plan around them. Practicality and cheerfulness need to be part of any decision you make with regards to the kids’ room. So, here is how you can accomplish such a mission.


First of all you need to preoccupy yourself with finding a theme. Based on this theme, you will begin to structure and organize the room. A suggestion would be to turn your child’s bedroom into a place of fantasy and magic, this way stimulating his or her creativity and imagination. To do so, you need to focus on the walls. Find a few interesting art prints online and place them around the room. You could choose funny looking animals or story characters, trees or flowers even the classic clouds or stars. Anything you might find appropriate and anything you might believe would be fun to look at is an option. Keep in mind that the prints you buy will go in the kids’ room, so make sure there is nothing scary about them. Secondly, it is time to talk about furniture. Luckily for you, there is a rich market out there, easily finding anything from designer childrens furniture to vintage items. Your options are countless. This is when you need to remember the second aspect previously discussed, practicality. Don’t judge furniture for children solely based on design, but also on how practical it is. The bed of the child is always chosen considering age. Infants under three years need the so-called cot, which can come in various shapes and colors, while older children can have their own bed.


Now that this is settled, you need to pass on to step three of the project, closets and cabinets. These are not so much for your child, but more for you, the parent. You need to choose furniture pieces that will work well with the entire style of the room and that also provide you with enough space as to place all your kid’s clothes and toys. Carpets and curtains are yet two other decorative issues that need to interest you. A suggestion in this regard would be to choose items coming in a single color, with no design. The stickers on the wall, the paintings you might decide to place in the room and of course the bed covers, all will have plenty of drawings on them. You wouldn’t want to overcrowd the room with rugs and curtains. Even though it might seem difficult, this project will be fun and pleasant to complete, especially if you choose a partner like Everything Begins. This is one online platform, bringing forward great looking furniture pieces and wall art prints for the entire house. If interior design is your passion, then you should definitely visit this website.