Anyone who has ever ordered something from the internet knows how exciting and stressful at the same time the moments before you receive your package can be. This situation can become even more pressing if you need the item you have ordered as soon as possible, but delays could appear along the way. To this extent, one of the easiest ways to have some information about your order before it arrived to you is to ask the store or person who has mailed it to you to attach an EMS tracking code, because this will allow you to know the whereabouts of your parcel at all times. Even though this may not give you too much control over the parcel in itself, you will at least have the certainty that it will not get lost in the post and you will receive it safely.


In addition, packages that benefit from ePacket tracking have fewer chances of getting lost, because they are more carefully handled and they are checked at every station. This means that there will be someone checking for your package at every major post office before sending it on its way to its final destination. Unlike packages that do not have a tracking code attached to them, the ones that do are considered to be a priority and thus handled more carefully. A package without a tracking code would simply be forwarded along the postal track and can easily be misplaced or forgotten along the way. This is why these packages always suffer from delays and don’t reach their destination when they are supposed to.


While you might have to pay slightly more on EMS tracking, it will certainly be worth it once you can find out exactly where your parcel is and how long it will be before you receive it. This is especially important if you order something from a longer distance and you know for sure that it will take a few weeks for it to get to you, because this way you will know exactly where it is and you will be able to estimate how long it will take before it finally gets to you. There are dedicated websites such as, where users can introduce their tracking codes and find out where their packages are anywhere in the world.


All in all, whether you want to send a package or you are buying something online and you want to keep a close eye on your package, EMS tracking can definitely offer you the peace of mind that your order will arrive to you soon and will not get lost in the mail. Many people have received their packages after two months, because they did not want to add ePacket tracking to their orders, which is why if you have this option you should definitely take it, because you will have a much more pleasant experience and more control over your package. The same goes when you send someone a surprise gift through mail: you will be able to tell if the package has reached them or not easily!