To many fans of the golf rangefinder equipment pieces, products such as the ones that Bushnell distributes are a true piece of heaven, mainly as a result of the great performances and incredible results that they render. Suitable for both amateurs and professional golfers, these rangefinders are reliable and provide a highly quality outcome which is extremely appreciated by the users in the field. However, all of the items created by Bushnell have their particularities and special features, so understanding as much as possible about each and every one of them is crucial in order to maximize their potential and ensure you buy the best gadgets for your particular needs. But what happens if someone is not acquainted with all of the product features and specificities of these sophisticated equipment pieces? How can the average person learn more on the topic and discover all there is to know in this field? The answer is from specialized online platforms, such as, which have made it their focus to bring to the table as many reviews and detailed gadget descriptions as possible so that anyone can read them and learn all they need to know. This is precisely why websites such as have grown tremendously in popularity in the past period of time and the trend is that of a continuous increase in fan recognition. If you too are you interested in finding out more about a top gadget in the field, like the incredible Bushnell Neo XS Rangefinder, or other similar devices, visit the website above after fully reading this article.


In terms of design, the Bushnell NEO XS is more circular in shape when compared to the traditional gadgets of his sort. It tends to appear similar to the classic look of the wristwatch without having undergone a highly dramatic redesign. The fans are thrilled by the fact that the display is incredibly easy to red thanks to the big lettering and the contrasting they make with the numbers under direct sunlight. Notably, the major element which strikes one at first is the switch between the square look towards the more modern, round one, but there is more to the design of the Bushnell NEO XS than this major adjustment. The product enjoys a highly intuitive and attractive button placement which enables users to have a high mobility and start the Bushnell NEO XS immediately or with great ease. Press the golf button to activate the GPS and there you go!


As for the performances, the Bushnell NEO XS GPS rangefinder is a waterproof device which has incredibly accurate performances when it comes to searching through your selection of local golf courses in order to enable you to make the most suitable choice. Major features of the unit include the fact that it has auto-advancing, the possibility to render as much as four hazards as well as their distance, and the ability to change towards a specific hole that the bearer might be needed to change to. All these and many more performances can be read if you see the full review on the website above.