Warehouse maintenance can add up to significant costs, which is why managers should always make sure their warehouse operates efficiently. One of the basic principles of an efficient warehouse is to choose a system and racking solutions that are optimal for the products inside. Every item that you plan to store in your warehouse should be easy to arrange and locate afterwards. While boxes are relatively easy to organise, if you need to store long items, cantilever racks might be a better idea. This concept follows something called the Christmas tree theory because it is structured based on three main parts: vertical back columns bolted to the base, strong arms that extend from the uprights and the hardware that keeps everything together. Due to this concept, a cantilever rack can hold heavy loads with needing a front column and offers users many advantages.


Those who are looking for cantilever racks for sale will be glad to know that there are many professional suppliers out there who can deliver their products within a day. One of the biggest advantages offered by this racking system is the fact that the loading and unloading of the products is done very fast and easy. In addition, every storage slot is visible and accessible, so the entire rack can be used the same, unlike other type of shelving solutions which require users to stack products differently. Even though this system is generally used by those who need to store longer products, it can work just as well for boxes, provided that you buy the right type. These racks are much more advantageous in smaller warehouse, because they allow users to store more items in a smaller space. While not all types of products can be successfully stored on cantilevers, still, it is worth considering this option even for a part of your warehouse, if you have long products that need to be stored.


Furthermore, another important advantaged offered by this type of rack is the fact that it reduces the chances of employee injury and product damage. Studies have shown that cantilever racks are considerably safer, not to mention that those who predict they will expand in time can always add more arms and uprights to the existing ones, meaning that they will be able to save money in the future as well. Employees also have more handling space, because cantilever racks are quite narrow and allow warehouse operators to move easier around them. So if you are considering the possibility of redesigning or expanding your warehouse, this racking solution might be just what you were looking for. When you collaborate with a reliable supplier such as Rapid Racking, you can always count on receiving high quality racks at some of the best rates on the market. Reliable suppliers can even deliver their products the very next day, thus allowing their clients to have their warehouse up and running in no time. Since cantilevers come in various shapes and forms, it will be easy to find something that matches your needs perfectly.