When thinking about their holiday destination, many people have in mind a sunny place, where they can relax on the beach all day long, and enjoy the sun and the sea. Nothing is more perfect than swimming in the crystal clear water of the sea or the ocean, and laying on the beach and listening to the waves. However, after staying a few days in the same place and have recharged your batteries, you will feel the need to do something to diversify your activities. If you know that you are the kind of person that wants to try something new every holiday, then you should choose one of the many kiteboarding holidays. Kitesurf is the perfect sport for the ones that want to have fun and meet new people during their holidays. Kitesurfing implies the presence of sun and waves, so why not choose a location that allows you to do something else other than relax.

Europe is known all around the world for being surrounded by the most amazing seas, and many people even from America and Asia come here to spend their holidays. This being the situation, many of the beaches are suitable for practicing kitesurf. Starting with the Mediterranean Sea, you have the chance to visit countries full of history, with golden beaches and flat water for kiteboarding. You can choose Spain, where you can kitesurf the waters of both the sea and the ocean. You might have heard that Tarifa is the capital of the wind, night parties and every kiter that comes once instantly falls in love with this location. This is the perfect place for professionals, but if you plan to learn the basics of this sport, then there is the perfect place to do it, because you can learn from the bests. The second option for professionals is Turkey kitesurfing, where you can choose Didim, which is famous for its mountain views, and beautiful beaches. Here you will find consistent winds and a shallow, flat coastal area, perfect for kitesurfing.

There are some kitesurfing schools, like Radical Kitesurf that organise their courses in countries like Turkey, where there are some locations great for learning this sport. Turkey is a country where both beginners and professionals will have the opportunity to kitesurf. The great thing about this sport is that it can be practiced in countries where tourists love to spend their holidays, like Spain, Italy, Netherlands, or Ireland. The amazing aspect about Mediterranean countries is that they are so close to the African coast, which is responsible for the lovely warm temperatures. These places are full of tourists from March to November, because they offer them the opportunity to do water sports, party at night and visit historical monuments. If you are not a fan of warm temperatures, you have the option to kitesurf in the northern seas. You can spend your holiday in the Northern Ireland, a kitesurfing paradise. So why not popping out of your boring holiday with an exciting sport this time around.