The famous couple of designers Charles and Ray managed to come up with ideas that at the time were perceived as revolutionary. Among the most famous creations of the dynamic duo is the Eames lounge chair, furniture created in the studios of L.A. Although it was originally made from a single shell of plywood, the architecture was modified in the sense that the backrest and the seats became two separate pieces. Another famous creation is the rocking armchair rod or the RAR, the piece of furniture that makes seating more than comfortable. To get your hands on one of them, just follow this link. The only problem is that the creations of Charles and Ray are some of the most popularly imitated pieces as well. So, should you buy the original or the copy?

To begin with, there is nothing wrong with buying something other than the real deal. Buying furniture is actually a huge financial investment that perhaps not everyone is willing to make. Even if you cannot afford the full price of the vintage lounge chair, this does not mean that you are forbidden to enjoy new and beautiful furniture. If you visit this site, you will see that there are only exquisite designs, most of them being made to exact specifications. And the good news is that you have the possibility of buying contemporary furniture without having to empty your savings account.

Secondly, what is new is improved as well. While sometimes it may be true that they don’t do things as they used to, this is not necessarily the case with all types of furniture. Even if you find vintage Eames chairs online, they may not be in the very best condition. The pieces of furniture that are made at present also incorporate materials that are heat and humidity resistant. In addition to this, since the replicas are not at all new they will not be as fragile as the authentic lounge chairs that you so desperately want. More importantly, you can track them down quite easily. If you want Eames furniture that is made according to reginal specifications, then go online.

Taking into consideration the fact that “inspired-by” pieces of furniture look closer and closer like the real thing, is there any visible difference? If you buy from just any store, then you may have the surprise of finding lounge chairs that are either too big, meaning that the proportions are all wrong, or that have a wrong base. For this reason, you should only shop from The retailer managing this online store commercializes items that respect the original specifications. The bottom line is that you should consider reproductions as a sound options. Vintage pieces of furniture are hard to find and you will have to perform a thorough examination of the materials and the metalwork. Since you cannot do that while shopping online, finding the real deal will consume you a lot of time. What you can do instead id have the iconic Eames chair delivered to your home.