If you are planning to invest in a building project of any size, you’re going to need an MEP Consultant and a team of experienced M&E Engineers. Even for a small project, MEP consultants can help you avoid wasting money on inappropriate equipment and systems. You may have to spend a little more initially but you’ll soon see the savings rolling in. What’s more, a good architect will let you take advantage of Mother Nature when it comes to building direction and the like, and a good MEP Consultant will be able to advise you similarly but also on energy-efficient systems. The best M&E Engineers also know about green buildings, and how to protect your building or buildings from the elements – and how to use the elements to your advantage. You’ll have the possibility of choosing between various companies that offer such services and it’s not always easy to separate the genuine professionals from the smooth talkers or friend X’s third cousin twice removed. However, there are a few things you can look for in an MEP consultant, and here are some of the most important ones:

Strong reputation

It’s obvious that a firm that will be able to provide you with the support and assistance you require to complete your project successfully should have a good reputation. You can find out more about this particular detail simply by researching the company online. When it comes to hiring MEP Consultants, you should also ask for a few referrals and see if the majority of their clients were pleased with what the services they provided. Look too for external recognition. Have they had the same kind of success as Prodesign, with Mauritius Business Excellence or Afrasia Tecoma awards? Also, before making your final choice, take some time to check their portfolio and analyse their work.

In-depth knowledge

It’s certainly sensible to look into what kind of team a company has and how well qualified and experienced their M&E Engineers are. These days, the technical support they have in terms of software and hardware are also crucial and, if you can, you or one of your colleagues should quiz them about such things as to what steps they take to adapt general indications of the best equipment to use to local climatic conditions. Even in a small country like Mauritius, these conditions can vary considerably. Because expertise requires in-depth knowledge, don’t hesitate to quiz the firm about details or local factors of which perhaps you’re aware from previous experiences you’ve had.


Communication and great customer service should be deciding factors in your selection process. In order to be certain that the company you are on the point of engaging will take your suggestions and needs into account, ask them about how they work with clients. Do they have a preliminary session with you and do you feel they will really listen to what you say? Are they available to speak to you when it suits you, even if it’s after working hours – and do they propose to give you a mobile phone number to facilitate communication? In any preliminary sessions before signing a contract, see how quickly they respond to a request for information. And do ask them how they deal with unexpected problems that may arise on the building site – and what their arrangements are for dealing with any post-construction problems.


Some things you may have to sense, such as whether you feel the firm you’re planning to work with seems likely to be flexible and really accommodate your wishes. A good specialist will always consult you before making any important decision and should offer you adjustable solutions.

You may well be hard-pressed to find a better firm than Prodesign to meet all these considerations, for not only are they experienced MEP consultants and M&E Engineers but they are also pioneers in designing green buildings and have become increasingly involved in project management. What’s more, they not only believe in environmentally-friendly construction but they’re also a very friendly group of experienced professionals.