The application of pressure to specific points and areas is generally known as reflexology. The general belief is that certain areas such as the feet, hands and years correspond to different body organs and systems. For this reason, pressing those areas results in a beneficial effect for the overall health. Millions of people all around the world use reflexology Sydney CBD in order to complement to complement other treatments that address conditions like anxiety, asthma, cardiovascular issues and many others. It is therefore not astonishing to see that reflexology is becoming more and more popular in Europe and Asia as a preventive measure. Owing to the fact that many employees have reported feeling better after having sought the help of a reflexologist various municipalities and companies continue to employ reflexologists. A simple foot massage not only helps you relax, but has certain health benefits as well. In addition to this, the combination of foot massage with reflexology works miracles for the health.

Foot reflexology in particular is based on the belief that there are certain reflexes located in the feet that correspond to all parts of the body. By stimulating these reflexes the therapist actually brings about many physiological changes. This specific healing technique used to be practiced around the year 2500 B.C. by the Egyptians. Maps of reflex points are accessible to therapists all over the world, meaning that they have solid knowledge about all points. While the left foot corresponds to the left side of the body, the right one corresponds to the right side of the body. Regardless of the technique used, the therapists usually concentrates on releasing congestion and stress in order to balance the body’s energy. Foot massage Sydney is firstly effective in inducing a deep state of relaxation because it touches the stress centre. The moment the stress centre is pressed virtually all the stress is eliminated from the body. Since stress is mainly responsible for affecting the immune system and leaving it vulnerable to illnesses, it is paramount to eliminate it from the body.

Those who have sedentary lifestyles become unaccustomed to using their muscles regularly, meaning that the muscles in the foot hardly get any exercise. Additionally, tight and uncomfortable shoes are not good either. Only a massage session can help you improve circulation in the lower extremities and help you manage illnesses such as diabetes. Rubbing the feet is also useful for dealing with ankle injuries and reducing muscle soreness. Thanks to strengthening and stretching exercises, you will speed up your recovery in no time, not to mention that a session at Serenity Massage and Spa helps you minimize the risk of injury. The treatment is so smoothening for the body that the nerves will instantly relax. A couple of sessions at the spa are the perfect cure for anxiety and depression. Besides the techniques used, some spas ensure a relaxing atmosphere with ambient music and fragrances. The conclusion is that a foot massage is good both for relaxation and promoting good health.