If you have joined a cargo alliance you probably know and enjoy its benefits. However, new members can be reluctant to attend the annual meeting of their freight forwarder network, especially if they usually conduct their business in a distant part of the world. However, they fail to realize the benefits of attending this meeting and see beyond the costs involved by travelling to its destination. One of the most important advantages is the fact that virtually all members will be in one place at the same time. Rather than travelling throughout the year to meet individual members, you will be saving all those expenses by finding everyone in one place. In addition, you will also save a lot of time, by making your cargo network services available at once, rather than spend time promoting your services throughout the year, as this will be the perfect opportunity to get in touch with new people.

An annual meeting where all members of an alliance are present allows people to forge lasting relationships and get in contact with other members that could help them develop their business exponentially. You will be surprised to see how useful this meeting is and how many new contacts you make, especially at the first meeting. But even if you have already attend last year’s meeting, each one offers you the chance to meet the new members and thus create contacts that could help you expand your business even more and reach territories that were not available to you before. You can always count on being able to enjoy some one on one time with a particular member, because most alliances allow their members to make an online schedule and thus plan their meetings accordingly and make sure they will get to see whomever they wish. Do make sure you keep some free time in case you want to get in touch with one of the new members or you decide you want to contact someone while you are there.

These meetings usually take place is destinations that are easy to reach, so you can count on being able to attend the annual meeting without any problems. Even if the costs may seem high at first, when you take into account how much it would cost you to travel to the member you want to meet individually, not to mention all the other advantages offered by these meetings, it is understandable why you should always make time to attend these meetings and be an active member. You have to consider that joining an alliance such as CONQUEROR Freight Network requires you to maintain high standards of quality in your services, so the other members will be vouched for by the alliance, just like you are. Essentially, rather than worry about not being able to trust the people you meet, when you attend an alliance meeting, you can always expect to meet reliable partners, who will help your business and become trusty collaborators. This is how you can expend your business and take advantage of the full resources offered by the alliance you have joined.