When two people met and fall in love, the natural thing to do is to cherish those feelings and get married. The celebration of love is known as the wedding or in Anad Karaj, which would be correctly translated as a blissful union. This is what all couples yearn for in reality, a blessed union that can deliver them happiness and joy, making them feel that their commitment is indeed fruitful. It is now known to most people that weddings are a very personal matter and while some couples prefer to be married covered in luxury, there are other who value tradition more than anything. Although the same traditionalist couples want something special for their big day, they are not willing to give up on religion and its spiritual meaning. For this reason, even though they choose destination weddings as a way to celebrate their love, they do so in a controlled environment, greatly cherishing their tradition.

This is how the concept Sikh weddings Cancun Mexico located took shape. The couple, very much connected spiritually, both with each other and with religion, believe that there is no reason for which they cannot incorporate tradition, the typical Sikh ceremonial songs in their rather modern wedding. It is actually a mistake to consider a wedding of this kind modern, as the only difference is that the after party is no longer held in the typical bar, but on a beach in Cancun. Other than that, the power and meaning of the ceremony as well its actual development, are exactly as tradition dictates. To plan a destination wedding of this kind is not that difficult actually, not if you should have the right help. Together with the right officiants, a Sikh destination wedding will turn into a moment of deep spirituality, gaining meaning and great value.

Perhaps that finding the right Sikh wedding priest is the biggest challenge of all. This is also one of the reasons for which so many couple need to think twice about this idea, although they imagine themselves getting married outdoors, surrounded by nature. A true wedding officiant of this kind will have one thing on his mind and that is blessing the couple. Celebrating the union between the two individuals, whether they may of the same religion or of different ones, the Sikh wedding priest will sing traditional songs. These speak of love and commitment, they bless the two who are to be married and open the doors toward a happy and spiritual life. An experienced officiant will never back down on the opportunity to share some of his wisdom with the young couple and their guests. It is truly a privilege to hear the words of a Sikh wedding priest, as these will enlighten the spirit and the mind, changing your perspective completely. Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela are bound together by a deep love for spiritual singing, taking part in destination weddings and not only, as officiants, for a long time. They are ready to perform a traditional ceremony anywhere in the world, as what draws them is the love between two people. They offer complete services and will make your destination wedding a memorable event.