Research has become an essential part of medical careers and case reports are the only way of communicating information to the medical world. The truth is that an article that describes and interprets an individual medical circumstance is not only an integrated part of medical literature, but also one of the most time-honored ones. Doctors and medical professionals write case reports with the purpose of publishing them in medical journals and it is also a good exercise for learning how to write scientifically since there is a similarity of basic methodology. The goal of the scientific article is to convey a clinical message and to enhance the reader’s knowledge on the subject of clinical manifestations, diagnostic approach and therapeutic alternatives of a disease. For these reasons, a colorectal surgery case report or any other is worth reading. Detailed reports are important because they make a contribution to health science literature, and this is why it is necessary to properly prepare the study design before actually publishing it.

The first thing you need to do is find a case report from the start of your training. This article will help you get familiarized with the research world. You will see that any scientific article supposes a lot of hard work and persistence. However, if it is published it will represent a great asset for your resume. Use every opportunity that presents itself to write a scientific article and should you come across something out-of-the-ordinary, then discuss with a consultant that is keep on research. Not only do consultants have lots of material for you, but they are very enthusiastic when it comes to helping you write and publish your findings. The advice of a consultant will be necessary when you select the journal. Online journals such as Open Access Journals Publishing Company accept all kinds of cases. Above all, things start at the bed of the patient. The portal to writing your article is the patient and implicitly his story. Obtaining the patient’s consent is therefore mandatory. Later on, it will be useful having all the information of the patient, so use a standard form. Once you’ve finished the background work, you will need to gather your material. Hospital library staff is very useful when it comes to collecting information, whether for a dental medicine case report or any other kind. Reading standard textbooks and appropriate journals will get you familiarized with the topic.

Moreover, you have to record details of events in the patient’s care, meaning examinations and results of investigations. Always keep the copies and save a lot of time by using a digital camera for radiographs and clinical photographs. Conferring with senior colleagues is always useful because they have experience and a vast amount of information. If you encounter an interesting condition in the hospital, you can discuss with colleagues from other specialties as well over the Internet. A case report is shorter than other articles, meaning you only need to include an introduction with literature review, the description of the case and a brief summary. In the end, revise the report at least three times to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes and attach a copy of documents, photographs and copyright.