If you are looking for a travel destination that allows you to relax while visiting breath-taking places, then you should choose Vietnam. You might not have heard many things about this country, but it is essential to know that this region is so rich in history that you will not have enough time to visit everything you might want, when arriving there. But, if you are the type of person who wants to get away from the crowded areas while being in a vacation, you have the possibility to opt for one of the Duong Lam village tours. When choosing this type of tour you should know that it is designed for the persons who want to find more details about the authentic culture of Vietnam, and what other way could be more suitable, than going in the countryside. While being there you will have the possibility to admire the ancient houses, which date up to 400 years, so you would be impressed by the culture of the area.

After booking your tour, you should consider that you are travelling in an area with unique cultural values, and if you have never been in a similar place, you should consider the following packing tips, because you want to be sure that you have the best experience of your life, while being there. Therefore, when making your packing list for Vietnam countryside tours, have to think about essentials, and this means that you should include the passport and visa. It is important to have them both in originals and photocopies, in case you might lose any of them. Also, you should not forget the travel medical insurance, and a printout of the paper, because in case anything happens, and you get sick, you would need it. Do not forget that you travel in the countryside, so you might not be able to pay by card, so keep some cash at hand, to not experience any issue. Depending on the way of transportation you choose to use, you should buy some soft shell bags, because if you would take a train or bus, they would prove very useful.

In case you plan to book a room at a hotel in town, and you just want to take short excursions in the countryside, you should include on your list backpacks or daypacks, because they are perfect for day trips. You should look for a sturdy and secure daypack, because you have to be sure that all your belongings are stored safe. When collaborating with a travel agency like Hanoi Eco Tour, the personnel might inform you on what type of clothes you should bring with you in that particular time of the year, but in case they do not, you should take moisture wicking clothing, because if you arrive in the rainy season, you would definitely need them. Also, include a light rain jacket, because while being in the countryside, you do not want to interrupt your travel, because of a short rain. The rain poncho might be the best option in this case.