Since we are not experts in network devices, finding new great components can sometimes become a real burden. Comparing different models, of different parts and figuring out which ones are the best needs some guidance. Luckily, experts can give us some guidelines to follow, and their opinions on switches, power supplies and features we should pay attention to, are always welcomed. Also, reading some reviews always helps, since actual users of different devices can exactly pin down certain advantages and disadvantages. On the other hand, experts tell us what we should pay attention to when buying new network equipment.

  • Tips on choosing a great network switch

When choosing a network switch you want to make sure you pay attention to a couple of features. How many ports it does have and what speed are they functioning at are two important things you have to know. Also, they must have great remote administration features, as well as if they allow multiple conversations at once or not. This depends on bandwidth and backplane, therefore pay great attention to those, too. And, for having the possibility of having multiple virtual networks, pay attention to VLAN support. See if the switches can be stacked. Nowadays, many come with features like this, but make sure they have a special cable allowing you to manage them as a single piece. Also, a great advice when buying network devices is never go for extremes. Don’t go for the most expensive switch, but neither for the cheapest.

  • Tips on choosing a great router

Netflix or gaming, we all need a great router for not losing our minds over poor Wi-Fi signal. However, we certainly experienced that no connection rage at least once in the last couple of months. For avoiding that, make sure you pay attention to the following. Go for 802.11 ac routers, since they work much faster than those rated at 802.11n. Only if on a really tight budget you should proceed otherwise, although not advisable. Also, make sure you take into consideration the size of your house or apartment, because a poor router might not do a great job at covering the entire area. Additionally, make sure you consider LAN ports, USB ports and QoS, meaning Quality of Service. QoS is the perfect feature for those enjoying a flexible device, customizable, allowing them to perfectly manage different tasks. Skype calls, online gaming, or watching YouTube videos. Great products featuring all the previously mentioned are those supporting the Juniper SSG module. Take a look at reviews, and if you are pleased with what you find out, you must know certain sellers have them refurbished, if perfect state, only at lower prices.

Always remember that high quality network devices allow you to have a flawless Internet connection, do your jobs in an effective and fast manner, provide high quality at work as well as lay back and relax for a little while. Therefore, regardless of the purpose of your new acquisition, make sure you only go for the best, from trusty network equipment providers, such as Network Tigers.