No matter what you are wearing, you should know that accessories are that one element that can spice up your entire outfit. Whether you like basic looks or sophisticated combinations, your daily concern should be choosing matching details. Of course, everyone knows that comfortable stylish shoes and a fashionable purse are mandatory for a successful attire, but how about jewelry? It is true that less is sometimes more, but when it comes to fashion you always need to pay attention to details, because these can actually make the difference. While we all know that a nice shiny necklace brings a touch of elegance even to the most casual outfit, few people know that there are some rules you have to follow if you want to wear an accessory properly. Matching necklaces with blouses, shirts and tops is not something easy to master, especially since you also have to keep in mind other criteria, such as colors, shapes, silhouette, style and many other. So, if you are thinking about embracing the latest trend, checkers and statement necklaces, read on this short guide aimed at teaching you how to make the most suitable combinations.

The first thing you need to know when wearing massive pendants is that these must match the neckline of your top. There are so many different types of cuts (V-neck, boat, round, crew, square, wrap, turtleneck – to mention but a few), that the process can get confusing. Before venturing to search handmade necklaces for sale, learn to pick the cut that highlights your silhouette. If you have broad shoulders, avoid the boat or square shape, while if you are not feeling comfortable about your cleavage, always choose crew or turtleneck. Later on, these will dictate your jewelry choices. Wide round or V-necks work perfectly with huge statement pieces and even accessories in the form of a chandelier, because these fill bare spaces. Boat line and strapless tops are the neatest and easiest to accessorize, since you can match them with almost any type of jewelry: long and wavy, asymmetric forms, chokers, V shapes pendants and so on. Button ups are also quite versatile, while turtlenecks look great only with longer chain style items. However, there are some situations when wearing a chocker is not actually recommended. For instance, if you wear a ruffled top, the best thing to do would be to avoid hanging something around your neck and focus more on handmade silver earrings. Another relevant element you must keep in mind when accessorizing is fabrics: if these are basic, a majestic piece of jewelry will look ridiculous – and the vice versa.

Just buy products from a reliable store, such as Diaga Jewelry and follow your instinct. There are, of course, plenty of criteria you have to take into consideration when matching your clothes with accessories: shape, fabric, texture and patterns. However, since fashion has become so dynamic and flexible, almost any combination is now possible as long as it represents you.