Have you ever thought about time travelling? It seems incredible right? Well, with the new technology in the Time Machine, time travel is real! What is the Time Machine, you might ask? Well, the Time Machine is a software program that allows you to control time – at least with your software and applications.

You utilise this process in software testing so that you can better test the time logic of your software and applications. Time Machine is created by the company Solution-Soft.


What Exactly is Time Travel?

Before you can learn how to time travel, you have to know what exactly time travel is, right? Time travel, is this context and sense of the word, is the ability for your operating system to adjust it’s virtual clock so that your applications and software can function in the “past” and the “future”.

Of course, with a time clock simulator you are not travelling back in time, but you can take your software and applications to any point in time without having to reset your system clock. This is of vital importance for those products which rely on time sensitive programming and functions.


Can Test Time Sensitive Applications

When you conduct software and implementation testing, there are some things that you cannot test without either damaging your software and hardware or creating errors within the test. With the software of the Time Machine, you can change time sever and conduct in-depth time travel testing on your software and applications, so that you can ensure that the time logic is reliable.

You want to make sure that your products can complete the tasks that they are designed to achieve. You may realise that you need to modify certain aspects of the programming, or you may find that the product fails completely in its intended purposes. The safest and most efficient way to find all of this out is to conduct time travel testing.


Where Can Time Machine Run?

Of course, it is also important to ensure that your operating system is capable of handling the time testing capabilities of the Time Machine. It is not always so simple as it sounds in the movies and books. However, if you have any of the following operating systems, you will be able to complete time simulation:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • Mainframe zLinux
  • Dockerized
  • Virtualized
  • On-Iron


Time Machine Suite of Products

The Time Machine software comes in an entire suite of products, To conduct your real-time testing. Each business is going to have a slightly different expectation and standards for the software. Rather than trying to force one version of the software to meet each of these expectations, Time Machine by Solution-Soft has created a suite of products. Each one is going to have different capabilities and uses.


Time Machine suite of goods include:

  • Time Machine Sync Server
  • Time Machine Framework for JBoss
  • Time Machine Framework for Oracle
  • Time Machine Framework for Weblogic