No matter what type of business you are running, you should be aware of the fact that storage space is quite important for your success. Storage capacity and great planning can help you save a lot of money, offering you benefits you could not get otherwise. For this reason, you will have to invest in the most suitable storage solution – fortunately, there are plenty of professional companies, such as Rapid Racking, offering their services. These have multiple alternatives that you can choose from, not to mention that an experienced designer will take care of all the planning on your behalf. If you want to maximise your storage space in the most efficient manner, without sacrificing square footage, you should know that mezzanine floors are probably the best solution for you. Their implementation is very easy if you collaborate with a specialised company. In addition to this, mezzanines are one of the most efficient options you have, doubling your storage space. Here are some common questions people ask, in order to make an informed decision:

What is a mezzanine floor?

Basically, installing a mezzanine floor in your warehouse means adding a new platform situated between the existing floors and the ceiling. This means that you simply add another storey inside the existing construction, without modifying its structure or appearance whatsoever. For this reason, is it a great alternative for those who need to maximise space in a high warehouse. Besides streamlining storage space and merchandise circulation, mezzanines can also be used for display of stock or viewing purposes, since they allow you to arrange items in a more airy way. Mezzanine floor construction        can be either permanent or semi-permanent, depending on your needs and your future plans.

Are mezzanine floors expensive?

Implementing mezzanine floors is definitely not as inexpensive as installing racks or shelves, but it is definitely more efficient, which means the investment is worth it. Furthermore, since they can double your space; it is considered one of the most affordable storage solutions. Other than that, the prices differ because there are many mezzanine floor suppliers on the dedicated market. Besides this, prices are also likely to vary depending on a series of variables: the material they are made of, the surface they cover, their heights and so on. However, you should not worry about money, because if you choose a reliable supplier you will get the most qualitative products in exchange for extremely affordable amounts.

Are there any construction standards and regulations?

If you want to get highly qualitative mezzanine floors, then you should know that these must be constructed in accordance to certain standards. Moreover, the materials they are made of have to be extremely qualitative, such as lightweight steel and powder coated ancillaries. Other materials used are fiberglass, aluminium or special plastic composite. In addition to this, the metal used must be in compliance with the structural code BS 5950 parts 1 and 5 and the stairs should conform to building regulations established by the law.