While some of us have a naturally beautiful complexion, most people have to put great effort in accomplishing it. Especially when seasons change, our skin seems to suffer more than it usually does. External factors are unusually harsh during this period, and you want to make sure you maintain a healthy complexion regardless of these factors. Fortunately, some products are developed to help us preserve a healthy appearance and feel to our skin. We are talking about both skincare products and make up products. Some of them, like Mineralsminke, do have great properties in terms of complexion improvement, acting like a derma cosmetic product. But let’s see what essentials should not miss from a women’s makeup bag this spring.

Mineral face bases – the first line of defence against a harsh environment is a good mineral base and makeup developers perfected them in order to obtain the best results in terms of makeup products. Females around the world reported that by using such products their complexion improved significantly. But let’s see how this type of products act on the face. First of all, they provide a great sun protection. If you also pair them with a base with a generous SPF, they help dry skin more against harsh sunrays. Second, this type of makeup is perfect for acne-prone skin. Women reported a better-looking skin only after a few uses of this kind of makeup. Fact is, all its ingredients don’t irritate the skin and don’t clog the pores. Clogged pores cause further rashes and breakouts. The best way to prevent them is by using friendly products for your particular type of skin, for example flytende mineralsminke. Third, mineral face makeup is great for sensitive skin. It allows the skin to breathe properly and it does not act like a facemask like regular makeup products do.

Also, in terms of qualitative mineral makeup, it has more resilience on face, this making it perfect for long wear conditions. Oftentimes used by makeup artists, it is the perfect option if you look forward to skip reapplying it during the day. Fact is its composition allows wearing it for prolonged hours, even up to fourteen. It creates a smooth base for applying the powder, contour and blush, and as a result, it increases their resilience as well. However, highly relevant is how you apply your mineral foundation. Specialists recommend applying it over a primer with similar characteristics.

Worth mentioning is that mineral makeup provides higher levels of coverage, being the go-to alternative for women suffering from skin issues such as rosacea, scarring and acne. Regular makeup foundations have in their composition a bulking agent combined with talc, which makes them heavier on the face. Although they feel heavier, they offer a smaller degree of coverage, and this comes as a significant downside for women trying to mask certain imperfections. However, reputable makeup retailers like Cosmedic have a large diversity of products, and their collection includes some of the best mineral makeup collections.