If you want to spend the perfect holiday, according to experts from this domain, there are a few things that you should notice. Firstly, it is important to go for a city that helps you discover something new which can be considered both relaxing and fun. Our recommendation in this case is Ketchikan, the fifth city from Alaska when it comes to population and which also has a good economic situation due to its large number of tourists who choose to visit it each year.

Secondly, it is highly recommended to take care of making a good holiday program, in order to make sure that you take the most of each day and you don’t miss anything. It can be called a good management of time and money. And if you do not have any with what to start, here they are the best tips and tricks for enjoying your vacations in Ketchikan. And we say “vacations” because once you got there, you would definitely like to come back.

Try to put on your list some ways of relaxing. You can include there a day spent at spa or you can just sit and enjoy the mountains view. Psychologists say that nothing is more relaxing for both your body and soul than drinking your cup of coffee, while you admire the snowflakes going down from the sky, during the cold season or breathing some fresh air, during the sunny days. Due to its good economic situation, Ketchikan can be the perfect place for going shopping, especially for ladies. And if you are looking for a group activity, you should trying mountain kicking.

Not to mention the fact that Alaska, and particularly Ketchikan, is famous for its beautiful landscapes which can be enjoyed from your hotel window, if you choose it wisely. But be careful! Even if this city is located in Alaska, it only snows during the winter months. In the rest of the year, temperatures are pretty high and it rains a lot. So, instead of putting a furry jacket in your luggage, you should think more about a raincoat and an umbrella. On the other hand, boots are must have accessory too.

Those who wonder which main Ketchikan Alaska attractions are, there is a list which can be found on the Internet, but our best advice is to ask the local people for recommendations. They are usually very kind, and they do not mind offering you information about places that you should visit. But, according to studies, the majority of tourists prefer spending their time on the ski slope (during winter) or socializing with their friends in a restaurant where they can eat some traditional food which is based on fish.

Moreover, those who want to go in Ketchikan for the first time should bear in mind the fact that the accommodation is very important. There are, however, some elegant hotels in this city, but it is better to ask them about the heating system because the temperature can be very low in some days. And if you want a good recommendation, you should try looking for 49er.vacations a place from where you can book the perfect accommodation for your whole family.