In today’s day and age, everyone seems to be “going digital.” Hard copy files are being replaced with electronic ones. We are able to find so much information with the Internet at our fingertips. Do not let your company or business fall behind on the changing times! Many companies provide video subtitling services and other transcription services to help individuals and businesses in all types of industries become digitized. If you have not taken advantage of transcription before, you may not know how valuable having written transcripts really can be. Transcription Planet offers high quality services to keep your company in line with the digitization of businesses worldwide. This article discusses a few examples of how professional transcription services benefit any kind of business, big or small!

Focus group sessions are important when companies want to find out more about their consumers and impact. In lieu of just taking notes during these sessions, many businesses choose to take audio or video recordings as well. To better preserve these important communications, you may want to use research transcription services and have your audio transcribed into a written format. You will be able to better analyze your data and share reports this way.

Human resource managers conduct so many interviews when going through a recruiting period. Oftentimes, many interviewers admit that it is difficult to keep track of the people they interview. With interview transcription services, you never have to worry about forgetting any detail concerning an interview. Professional transcriptionists preserve all the information you obtain in a written document for easier review later. Any interviewer can attest that concentrating on the interview at hand, instead of focusing on taking good notes, helps a lot in terms of conducting quality interviews.

Do you work in the health care industry? If you do, you have noticed how electronic medical records have replaced manila folder-style patient files in recent years and they need document localization services. These digitized records not only make it easier for health care professionals to share information about patients between themselves; they also keep private patient histories safer and more secure. Doctors and nurses do not need to spend hours writing about their patient encounters and procedures anymore. Nowadays, more and more health organizations are turning to medical transcription services to save their employees time and effort. With these services, available, health care professionals simply need to speak about their patient check-ups and procedures into an audio recorder, and an expert medical transcriptionist transforms these records into electronic written documents. Transcription Planet’s sister company, East African Language Solutions, provides book translation services, so if you have to study one of the latest medicine books, and it is not translated in your native language, you can contact this company.

If your business works with international communities, or if you are thinking of targeting a global consumer base, you will benefit from language transcription services such as the ones provided by Transcription Planet. These services combine regular audio transcription services with language translation. An audio or video file is received and transcribed. Then the written transcription is translated into your target language. Finally, the translation is localized – edited to ensure the same tone and feel of the original communication is understood in the culture you’re targeting – and proofread for accuracy. You may use language transcription services when you have audio of an international field interviews you conducted using the help of an interpreter. They’re also helpful if you want to create informational or marketing material for an audience who speaks a different language.