Going on vacation usually comes with our desire of cutting some of the expenses; this is why many choose budget friendly alterations of activities usually implying lots of money. Take for example the expensive parties organized in Ibiza clubs. However, if you were so inspired to rent a villa with your buddies, a great alternative to those is renting sonorizacion Barcelona systems and throw your own parties. Great thing is you can hire such systems, whether we are talking about your private party or a wedding party, or any other occasion where you might need professional sound systems. And why wouldn’t you choose solutions like these? They are the most budget friendly alternatives available out there!

  1. Great sound quality at affordable prices

Fact is, for a great party for you and your friends in your rental villa, you only need a great pair of speakers and maybe some amplifiers. While the speaker’s rental prices vary between € 40 and € 80 and some amplifier’s rental price is around € 25, you can throw a more than decent party at under € 100. Fact is that when you rent a villa with an extended group, you will all contribute to this investment. This means a modicum amount of money each of you should pay for a stunning sound. Considering the prices all clubs have for their parties, this comes as a great alternative for an entertaining night out. Also, if you want to make your party even more special, you must know that certain companies provide equipo de musica Barcelona hire services even for karaoke accessories and equipment. An approximate price you would pay for it is of about € 200 per day, and if your group consists of at least 10 people, divided, the price involved is some change money on the bottom of your pockets.

  1. Diverse equipment and accessories

Starting with the common speakers, amplifiers and karaoke systems, and continuing with more elaborate pieces of equipment, such as mixers, microphones and cables, sound system rental companies can provide them all for their customers. The equipment is hired per day, and the prices are more than friendly. Considering special occasion such as weddings, you can benefit from all the necessary bits and pieces for under € 300. Hiring a band will surpass this amount for sure, amplifying the costs of an already expensive event. For those trying to have their fun on a budget, sound system hire services are an amazing option.

  1. Make sure you hire from a specialized company

Although many might be willing to let you use their sound systems, you first want to make sure that the company is able to provide high quality bits and pieces. Alquilar Sonido is one of the companies with a history on the market in Barcelona, all clients showing high levels of satisfaction with their products and prices.

These are few of the basics to consider if you are trying to save some money on expensive parties. Make sure you find a great company to work with, and you will have a unique experience.