With an endless number of labelling machines to pick from, the process might become difficult at a point or another. With so many options in terms of labels and equipment, there is no surprise that you are more than overwhelmed. Those responsible with this department in a company know, however that a decision has to be made by following some coordinates.

  • What supplier has the best prices?
  • What manufacturer is the most appropriate?
  • What type of labelling machine do I need?
  • What kind of labels do I need?

Depending on the answers to these questions, you can start your research. But, if you are truly clueless about these answers, the process of selecting the perfect labeller or printer might still be difficult.

Identify your businesses’ requirements

  • What will be labelled? Are you the owner of a Mikrobryggeri and you need to label bottles? Do you need to label bags or cartons? Think well about these aspects because what might work for a bottle might not be appropriate for flexible packages.
  • What is the application surface like? A smooth surface might have different requirements than a porous one in terms of Etikettmaskiner.
  • Think about the label’s placement on the package. Do you want it to be all around the bottle, for instance? Or do you want it on one side of the package?

What is your production line like?

On the production process, where will the labelling step exactly take place? Depending on this, you might want to adapt the labelling process, adhesives used and labels themselves. This also will decide what type of Etikettprintere you will be needing, as well as the size of your labels.

What type of environment are your products exposed to?

Assess all types of environments your products will be exposed to, in order to establish what type of Etikettskrivere you must use. Ask yourself what room temperature is in the production room, what the temperature is during your product’s transportation, will your products be stored indoors, outdoors, in a refrigerator or freezer? Depending on these coordinates, the adhesives used in the labelling process might need to be adapted as well.

Think about the label equipment manufacturer

Now that you established what type of labelling equipment you need, you must think about the most appropriate manufacturer. Given the fact that the above questions should narrow your options quite a lot, you only have to think from where should you purchase your Blekkstråleskrivere and other pieces of equipment you need. Research the segment well, because there are plenty of manufacturers and retailers you can pick from and only collaborate with the best.

A company that is worth your attention is IPro Label Experts, a company which will take their time to learn about you and your business, your labelling necessities, will make pertinent recommendations, based on their vast experience in the labelling industry and their vast and diverse client portfolio. However, regardless of the company you decide to work with, you must look for these attribute in your collaborators, because they will determine the quality and appearance of your products.