Nothing is more pleasant than drinking a tasty espresso in the morning before starting to work. This is the main reason why so many people choose to accessorize their kitchen with an espresso machine. If you are one of the persons who loves espresso and want to purchase a device for your home, but you find the buying process an intimidating affair, then you should know that you have to do some research and find what features you should look for. Yes, there are so many manufacturers on the market and every one of them seems to offer different devices, but you should keep in mind that you are buying one for your home, and you do not need one, which has too many features. Therefore, here is what you should look for when purchasing an espresso machine under 200. The first aspect you should consider is the type of machine you want to buy, because there are different categories.

If you are an old-fashioned person, you will find perfect the manual machines, which are more complicated than the modern ones, but offer great satisfaction to the persons who want to involve in the process of making their espresso. You will have to push the water through the coffee manually, and this will bring you a different taste of coffee every morning. These devices are suited for you is you are an experienced person in the domain of coffee making. If you are not a fan of this version, then you should consider the semi auto type, which features hands-free water pressure. This is a traditional type of device, because it allows you as operator to turn the pump on and off when you want, and to also control the boiler temperature. Many persons who are looking for an espresso machine under 500 are choosing a semi-auto device.

A different type is the fully-auto machine, which has an extra feature beside the ones of the semi-auto, it includes an electronic nanny which regulates the amount of water that passes through the espresso. Some of these devices also include semi-automatic controls. However, if you want to invest in a device, which does all the work by itself, then you should buy a super automatic machine. To know exactly which one is suited for your needs you have to ask yourself what type of drinks you want to prepare, because some of them are able to prepare only some particular types. In addition, you have to choose the espresso machine according to how often you want to prepare the drinks, and how many of them you want to have ready every morning, because your whole family might want to drink coffee in the morning and then you should buy a machine that is able to prepare multiple drinks. When you have in mind some names, you should read the reviews provided by websites like, because there you will find details, which will help you decide upon a certain one.