In the advertising world, guerilla marketing is considered to be something of a phenomenon. Since they year 1984, this form of advertising has been used by more and more companies. As astonishing as it may sound, in the beginning Nike and IKEA were names without recognition, but thanks to the unconventional techniques used by advertising agencies they evolved into a mainstream fashion. For newcomers, guerilla marketing ideas may seem a little bit risky because they work outside the mainstream. The low-cost and very different advertising initiatives are designed to obtain maximum results. The main purpose of the campaign is to take consumers by surprise and create a long-lasting impression. However, does guerilla marketing still have a place at present?

Guerilla marketing is more relevant than ever. In the current economic climate, businesses are required to concentrate their efforts on their local customer base, meaning they have to get through to the immediate community. The solution to reaching target consumers and demographic lies in using promotional staff London because only they have the ability to arrive at specific places, moments and events. The message that they convey to the audience stands out from all the others. While major brands focus on running a television advertisement to catch people’s attention, guerilla marketers will most likely attend large events in costumes made up entirely of samples. This is just one example of the tactics used by advertising agencies.

Other advertising strategies include targeting social media. In the 21st century going viral seems to be the most effective way to reach a target audience. Thanks to YouTube and Twitter messages are spread in an instant all over the world and this is an advantage for companies that are making efforts to take their brands to the next level. However, energy and imagination are not enough to grasp the attention of the public. It is also necessary to get to know the niche you belong to and understand the culture that is associated with a particular niche. Guerilla campaigns do exactly this. In other words, they are concentrated on a specific population and they successfully reflect the people who create the campaign and implicitly the consumers.

Equally important is to consider the expenses associated with an unconventional advertising campaign. Although the initiatives are full of energy and imagination, they actually cost less than television or radio advertising. This cost-efficiency allows small businesses to accomplish impressive results on a tight budget. Most of all, the impacts are larger in comparison to traditional media. Therefore, with the help of advertising agencies such as Love Creative Marketing small businesses are able to increase the productivity of every pound spent.

Since guerilla marketing is being used more and more by small and large businesses alike, many advertising agencies now consider it part of their approach. The tactics work well for both companies that sell products and for those that make available intangible services. The bottom line is that this advertising concept is useful when there is the need for standing out of the competition. The tactics are not only original, but they make a memorable impression.