Although printing technology has been around for several decades, few people actually know how it works. Apparently, the first printer was invented in the late 1970s, when the device used a rudimentary mechanism: it had some sort of needles with characters on them, and these were pressed on the paper rolled by the device. The hot soldering iron worked as a syringe filled with ink, which was gradually heated. Once the ink reached a certain temperature, it slowly poured out of the syringe’s tip. This was the original method that led to the idea of ink being really sprayed on paper, with tiny yet extremely accurate drops. As technology evolved, the system developed and became way more complicated.

While today, a performing computer has large screen and powerful engine, you will not hear people brag about the size of their printers, since the smaller they are, the better. Their performance has also developed a lot lately, which is why nowadays this “accessory” can deliver huge quantities of paper in the shortest possible time: an ordinary device can print up to hundreds of sheets until you will have to replace its cartridge. Fortunately, most parts can be replaced and there are specialized stores, such as, where you can order the products you need. Read on to find out relevant pieces of information about the technology behind color printing. Taking into consideration the increasing popularity of digital photography, the remote use of printers has come to an end. For this reason, in order to meet the great expectations of clients and the high demand on the dedicated market, manufacturers had to improve their products and provide even higher standards of quality. New features are being added and that is why at the moment, there are at least six different types of color printers available in specialized stores. The good news is that no matter which one you choose, there are plenty of options if you want to replace parts. So in case you want to buy Spectra Nova 256 80 pl printhead and other components, all you have to do is a small research online. The print head is actually an important part of the device, since it is responsible by the accuracy, intensity and quality of the resulting print. This is why you must choose a reliable model: buy Spectra Polaris 512 15 pl printhead and you can rest assured that you will get the best results.

The original idea, about heated ink, was maintained and nowadays most printers still use the heat-based technology. Hundreds of tiny nozzles work together to deliver a flawless image or text – as a comparison term, you can imagine that these are thinner even than human hairs. This is how fine they actually are. A lot of inkjet printers use a variation of thermic values, in order to make the ink color the paper and then dry in an instant – as unbelievable as it may seem, listing a document page is a matter of hundredths of a second.