Inkjet printer hardware may be affordable, but the cartridges and other supplies are actually not. In order to save a couple of bucks you may be tempted to either print less or use a lower resolution. However, leaving an empty ink cartridge sitting in is not a good idea because it can cause damage in the sense that it eventually clogs the printer’s printhead. As everyone knows it is important to keep the printer running as smoothly as possible due to the fact that it can affect the productivity of your business, not to mention that you will have to pay significant repair costs. Therefore, you should avoid allowing the cartridge go dry why you are printing. Additionally, you should avoid a remanufactured cartridge if you want your printer to still work. Should something go wrong, you can always buy Xaar 128/80 PL printhead.

To begin with, there are dangers you should be aware of regarding the printhead. Even if you can afford to buy Xaar 126/35 PL printhead for your business, this does not mean that maintenance is not important. Why is ink so important anyway? Well, the ink in the cartridge serves two main purposes: it provides pigmentation for the images and it acts as a coolant. If you did not know, thermal inkjet printers have small heating elements that create a steam and ultimately forces the nozzle to produce droplets. What happens if there is no ink is that the element starts to burn out, causing permanent damage. In this situation, you will definitely have to replace the inkjet nozzle. Secondly, leaving the cartridge empty results in so much more than little clogs. Clogs are only signs that the performance of the printhead is severely compromised. When you leave the inkjet printer unused for a long period of time, then the residue dries out and the clots of ink make the system not work anymore. Even though some devices may have a cleaning mode, they are not enough to clear the clogs, not to mention that the ink still remains wasted.

Moreover, remanufactured cartridges are not such a good idea because you are only able to save about 10 or 20 percent. Many people will argue that remanufactured cartridges look the same and last the same, but they can cause structural damage. Not only are there high chances that the cartridge will fail, but it will make a mess as well. Even if the warranty of the printer is not breached, then you will be forced to visit Or you have the possibility of taking preventive measures, meaning that you should run the printer on a daily basis. Ideally, you should replace the cartridge when it is low and not when it is empty. In addition to this, you can look out for clear warning signs. For instance, if the machine prints blank pages, you should check the ink levels. Another point to consider is that preserve the printhead when you are not using the printer.