Asian medicine has been practiced for ages not only in India and China, but also in other parts of the world. One of the most popular therapies belonging to this practice is thai massage, a combination of moves also known today as “thai yoga massage”. The name is due to the fact the two practices resemble a lot, both being performed on a special mat or futon mattress. This ancient healing system has been used for more than 2500 years ago, and consists in a series of yoga inspired moves. The therapist works on the body’s energy lines, with the purpose of increasing flexibility and reducing chronic muscle pain. There are certain records confirming that this practice was originally performed during the time of Buddha, who was famous for his incredible medical skills and herbal medicine knowledge. Given its complexity, the therapy has to be assisted by a well-trained practitioner, who has to make sure all the moves are executed correctly.


There are many clinics and massage salons where you can find this type of services, and if you are looking for such a place in North Sydney, then Serenity Massage and Spa is exactly what you need. Thai is so successful and efficient because it consists in a combination of Chinese, Indian and Southeast Asian influences. In addition to this, it has multiple positive effects, not only physically, but also psychically. Although in the beginning, the methods used by Asian medicine were considered only some alternatives to traditional medical treatments, nowadays their positive effects have been generally acknowledged by experienced doctors. A large part of the patients who have attended massage sessions were able to confirm the positive effects it had on their overall health. For this reason, the practice became extremely popular and the best thai massage Sydney is now recommended for those who have suffered a sports injury or a surgical intervention. Gradually, the treatment expanded and reached all the corners of the world, and nowadays international patients use it as a viable alternative to traditional medication.


In case you are wondering how thai massage is different from other types of massage, you need to know that it focuses on Sen lines (the main energy lines of your body). These are more than seventy and each of them corresponds to the points used by Chinese acupuncture, enhancing the energy flow of the entire body. Thai massage can streamline blood flow, thus increasing your muscles’ flexibility and eliminating chronic pain. Besides this, it also has a great effect on your mental state, since it promotes well-being and boosts your energy level. If you are interested in this efficient stress reliever, you should start looking for cheap massage Sydney services. Thai therapy is suitable to any individual, regardless their lifestyle or age, so do not hesitate and subscribe for some specialised sessions. You will see how you will feel less stress, no more muscle pain and no more stiffness. The procedure can be customised for each individual, so do not worry if you are a beginner, because the trained therapist will adjust the moves, so that you can feel comfortable and safe.