If you are not familiar with food courses from the Far East, you might be confused about their preparation methods, as well as the etiquette you need to follow when eating them. This is why you need to become accommodated with all these aspects if you were invited to a Japanese restaurant or maybe decided to order sushi with some friends. We are well aware that for many of us this is a first experience, and we are here to answer to all of your questions, from how to pick a restaurant, to a couple of technical aspects.

  • You need to become familiar with some etiquette notions

In Japanese culture, etiquette is highly important, and a few mistakes might cause confusion, especially if you attend a sushi bar or restaurant. Some gestures are forbidden because of their implications and symbolism. For example, avoid passing the food using your chopsticks, because in Japan this symbols the passing of the ashes of a deceased loved one. Instead, if you want to share your food, pass the plate so the other person can pick it up. And, if somebody is offering food from their plate, never use the ends of the chopsticks that go in your mouth. Use the opposite ends, instead. And while generally all Asian food, especially sushi, is cut into bite-size pieces, try to eat it all at once, and never put a small bite back on the plate. This gesture is considered to be rude. Also, if you want to avoid food stains on your clothes, dip the fish side of your sushi roll in sauce. Otherwise, the rice will disintegrate on the way to your mouth.

  • You need to pick a good sushi restaurant

Sushi is all about fresh ingredients masterfully prepared in the smallest details. This is a reason why you won’t have a great experience if you choose a cheap restaurant. Of course, you don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money for a sushi plate, but a few extra bucks do make a great difference. This also applies to takeaways and catering services. Some restaurants don’t bother making the sushi themselves, choosing frozen, premade products. Make sure you go for a restaurant with talented chefs, able to make the rolls themselves, for each delivery. For example, this Sushi Takeaway Gray’s Inn located is widely popular in the area, for the freshness of the ingredients as well as the chef’s attention to details. Furthermore, the prices are friendly and the delivery services are on spot! Delicate Japanese dishes must be handled with care, after all.

  • Choose the right course for a first time eater

Being a fish based course, this is exactly what you should expect: a fishy flavour. If you fear this might be too much for you, order different types of rolls with a friend and share them. Then decide what pleases your taste buds more. A go-to option for those inexperienced with Japanese flavours is the maki roll, which consists of thin slices of fish and rice, wrapped together in seaweed. And, if you are not a big fan of fish, you must know there is a cucumber version of the maki rolls, completely lacking the fish. Also, you can ask for advice an employee of a reputable sushi restaurant like Youme Sushi. They might have a great suggestion for a newbie like you.