Essential oils therapy, or aromatherapy, as it is also known to the wide public, is a practice consisting in a combination between the use of special substances and moves, in order to treat certain dysfunctions. The essential oils are extracted from aroma-producing plants, flowers, leaves or roots and are merged with other solutions such as oil, lotion or alcohol. The resulting mix is applied directly on the body or sprayed in the air, so that the patient can inhale it. Aromatherapy practices that we know and use nowadays have their origins in Europe and it seems that they have been used since the early 1990s. Those who practice this type of massage claim that the fragrances emitted by the oils activate certain nerves located in the nose. These send impulses to a certain part of the brain, in charge with controlling memory and emotion, thus boosting the energy level and eliminating stress. Aromatherapy promotes a general state of well-being and the results depend a lot on the substances used during the treatment – you can get either calming or stimulating effects.


Even if essential oils are often used for other types of therapies, such as Crows Nest thai massage, aromatherapy is actually special. This is due to the fact that the oils cause changes in terms of body pressure, pulse and other functions, since they activate certain hormones and enzymes. Apparently, some practitioners also claim that the substances stimulate the body to produce pain-fighting agents, which is why an aromatherapy treatment can successfully substitute pain-killers. There are two main ways of using aromatherapy massage Sydney: through diffusion or direct skin application. The first method involves the use of a special “burner”, where the oils are placed. Because of the heat, they emit a scent that can activate the nerves situated in the nose, thus reducing stress, aches or mental fatigue. For the second method, the oils are diluted with some special agents, and then poured directly on the skin. After a series of gentle moves, the oils are absorbed through the pores and enter the blood, thus inducing the patient a state of calmness or refreshment. In addition to this, the use of certain oils can reduce inflammation, ease pain and prevent muscle stiffness and spasm.


As you can see, aromatherapy can be used for a wide spectrum of dysfunction, both for the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. All you need to do is start looking for a professional massage salon, such as Serenity Massage and Spa, and make an appointment. The therapy is used not only for its deep relaxation effects, but also to treat a wide range of physical and mental conditions. Among the most popular, you should know about infections, depression, burns, insomnia and even high blood pressure. All these can be relieved after a couple of sessions of essential oils therapy combined with traditional medical care. For this reason, it is important to choose a well-trained practitioner and talk to a specialist before actually starting the aromatherapy sessions.