How does the perfect love story start? Some imagine that two soul mates will meet on the street, in a pub or will be introduced by friends. However, this is just the classic scenario, one that doesn’t necessarily have to happen today. Nowadays, it is equally possible for a beautiful relationship to start online, on dating social network sites. These sites, and their users implicitly, were subject to a great deal of controversy in the beginning, but, in time, the world realized that there is nothing wrong with looking for singles on the web and that online dating can often be more efficient and pleasant that traditional dating.


Bars are known as the classic scene for people who are looking for more or less serious relationships, but how often do they really work? Actually, they only appeal to young people, who have the time and mood for them. To meet the right person for you in a bar, you have to be ready to handle a lot of suspicious individuals, listen to a type of music that you may not like, spend money on drinks and, most importantly, spend a lot of time there. All of these conditions do not sound inviting to everyone. For example, a 40-year-old divorced man who works 10 hours daily might want something else. And dating sites offer exactly that. They are fast, easy to use, fun and efficient. They are usually based on location, so for example, you can sign up on one of the many dating sites Australia has to offer. After filling in your profile, you can browse through users and contact only the ones that you are interested in. A major benefit that dating social networks have to offer is that they gather users who have the same interest, so the chances of rejection are lower than going out.


Needless to say, the online environment appeals to many people, especially the ones who are more introverted and uncomfortable around large groups. Also, online dating is an excellent alternative for people who live in a closed social circle and don’t have the possibility to go out all the time. Online, you can get to know others at your own pace and decide whether or not you would like to meet each other in person.


Even though most marriages still start with an offline relationship, the number of people who engage in long term relationships and even marriage with their online match is growing. This doesn’t only apply for people who are in their 20s or 30s, but also for older individuals, who would otherwise have difficulties in meeting a romantic partner. A recent study conducted in the USA showed that the divorce rate for couples who met online is almost 2% lower than for couples who met the traditional way, which shows that dating sites can lead to healthy relationship development when used accordingly. If you want to meet someone new online, websites such as Faceguru are great because they let you create your profile and contact people for free.