Industrial shelving is a necessity for any business that is dealing with moving products or parts. If used properly, heavy-duty storage solutions have the ability to increase capacity in storage areas in environments such as warehouses. There are virtually dozens and dozens of manufacturers, but there is an even greater number of industrial shelving that is manufactured. Depending on the size of your business, the type of storage aid unit that you choose is integral to your budget and the flow of products. Industrial storage shelves are available in several configurations, some of the most popular types being steel, rivet shelving, cantilever racks and mezzanine floors.

Steel shelving. The most common and the most popular type is steel shelving, which is available in open and closed configurations. Whether for warehouse or retail, this storage aid is popular because it is made from inexpensive material, it is durable and it will help you with organising whatever you need without bending or collapsing. Open shelves will provide you better accessibility than closed configurations, which only ensure access from the front. They work well when you need to locate a specific product or SKU. However, it is important to mention that closed shelves ensure better protection against dirt and damage.

Rivet shelving. This storage aid can be defined as durable and versatile. Since there is no hardware like bolts and clips, assembling this storage aid will be fairly simple. Not only is this type the most economical one, but it offers the largest ranges of sizes. Rivet shelves provide easy access, stability, not to mention 1,850 lbs. capacity per shelf. The storage solution is constructed from a solid steel frame and uses wire decks to bear the load. It is just as strong as long span shelving. Therefore, it is no surprise that rivet shelving is commonly used in the industrial setting.

Cantilever racks. If you have a lot of items on store that are a few feet long and that will not fit into other types of shelves, then you need cantilever racks. Cantilever racks are ideal for storing things like pipes, tubing, or lumber that other types of shelving are not meant to hold. Cantilever construction is widely used due to the fact that they have no spars, lintels or other supports. Loading and unloading can be achieved from the front of the rack equipment with pallet jacks and forklifts. If you too are interested in this type of storage solution, order from Rapid Racking.

Mezzanine floors. Mezzanine floors are raised platforms that are typically set above the work are to not take up floor space. These storage systems allow for freedom of design and you can fashion them to be integrated with pallet racks and conveyor systems. The most common are single-level mezzanines, but multi-level arrangements will further increase your storage area. The structural mezzanine is supported by its shelves, taking advantage on storage capabilities by using the supporting base, which permits the storage of heavier items.