Crowdsourcing means the process of creating or getting work, based on the ideas of a crowd of people. Normally, this takes place online, gathering the suggestions of the group and thus generating certain strategies, ideas or even projects. The main principle of this process is that more people will come up with better solutions, or if not, at least their suggestions are more varied and can open you new horizons. By asking a large number of people for their opinion and using their diverse skills and knowledge, you can reach unexpected results, because the quality of the content generated is definitely superior. This type of outsourcing is used especially when it comes to marketing, because not any company has the necessary human resource to organize a brain storming and get ideas. There are many firms providing innovative marketing strategies, such as iCrowd, including crowdsourcing. The process has four main forms and each of these have in common certain elements: a manager, a pool of people and a crowdmarket. The key is to choose the most suitable type and implement the results properly. Here are the four forms, briefly presented:


Crowdcontests            : this type allows you to make use of the work of many individuals, and choose only one of the solutions presented. Based on the results, it enables you to choose the most suitable person for a certain job, since you ask the same thing from more than one candidate. Most of the times, this form is used in graphic design, creating videos or any other service involving creativity. For instance, if you need a new logo for your company, you can launch the idea online, through innovation management software, and start a contest. Besides being beneficial, this crowd sourcing type is also cost efficient: you can inspect more than one option, but you only pay for the one you like the most.


Macrotasks: this type of crowd sourcing allows you to get exactly the skill you need, for a particular job or project. You can launch a task to the group, but you will only choose one person to take care of it. In terms of finances, this form is also quite efficient, because you will only have to pay the worker after the job is completed. Marcotasks are the ideal option for general businesses, design (especially web based), writing and editing services. The crowd sourced results will be qualitative and you will pay for what you get.


Microtasks: this crowd sourcing form has been created for complex and large jobs, since it makes use of human intelligence. The amount of work is divided into smaller units, which are afterwards promoted online and the members of the crowd are in charge with completing their tasks. If you need solutions in terms of business cards transcription or medical records, this type is perfect for you.


Crowdfunding: this process involves you mobilizing an entire network in order to gather money for a certain project or product. You will have to promote your project to convince people, choose a specialized crowdfunding platform, establish the amount you want to reach and set a deadline for the fund raising. This type of process is used by non-profit organizations, artistic institutions and even social service entities.